Chrome Has Gone To Hell

I’m back using Firefox after a good six months or so with Chrome… there’s just a handful of options missing in Chrome that kind of irritate me, and I’m not seeing a good reason to stick with it.

I can work around the lack of bookmark separators, and I can deal with the tab row being in the wrong place, but I could never figure out how to keep all the websites from asking me for my location (why would I ever allow that?) or figure out how to turn off incorporating my browser history into search results from the address bar (not because I need to hide my browser history, but because I just want it to search over my bookmarks since those are the places I would actually try to go to.)

I am very picky. :/

  • Bookmark Separators can be added with a Chrome extension if you need them.
  • Tab stacking used to be a hidden flag feature you could enable but it was removed from what I can tell. There may be an extension for it.
  • For disabling location, in Chrome, open settings. Scroll down and expand Advanced. Scroll down more and select the arrow to the right of Content Settings, then click the arrow to the right of Location, then move the blue on button to off where it says, “ask before accessing.”
  • For the bookmarks only search versus history+bookmarks, that’s done on your Google account. Go to google, com, pull up your account, Data&Personalization, Web and App activity. Uncheck, “Include Chrome History …”

I almost forgot, back to your question on location (and it also relates to the history as well,) if you jump all-in with Google, those end up assisting with speeding up getting you information. As an example, if you have location on for a PC, it’s not really that helpful with the exception of pulling up maps and showing your approximate location. But with an Android based phone or tablet on mobile, it changes completely. You get directed quicker to things like menus for the restaurant you are in, nearby post offices if you happen to search for that, etc. It’s very helpful. It also pops up nearby things if you’re searching for them anyway.

History is an account feature because it allows you to get some of that same search functionality across devices. So something like, “what was it I pulled up at the office today that had the parts I needed for my car???” Easily solved, as you’re able to search for that and see that history from your account, or even pull up the history directly from your other devices and scroll back through them.

I’ve disabled locations and the notifications myself… I still these questions too. It’s pretty annoying.

Interesting, turns out I’ve had that entire Web and App Activity thing on pause since May. Looks like Chrome is ignoring it, even with the “Include Chrome History” bit unchecked, as I’ve had browse history on all my address bar searches this entire time. Weird stuff.

The method often used (even the extensions I’ve seen) is to bookmark web pages with appropriate fav-icons / titles to represent separators. It’s the workaround I’ve been using, and is manageable if a bit clumsy when doing fiddling around doing bookmark organization.

Yeah, I like my tabs below the address bar and bookmark bar, but for whatever reason web browsers want their tabs at the top of the app. I’ve always found this inexplicable, but it’s probably me just showing my age.

For some reason, I thought changing that would make it auto-accept instead of auto-block.

But thanks for the tips, I figure I’ll end up bouncing between chrome and firefox every half a year or so since neither is perfect and they’re just about the only ones left standing in the browser wars, now that Edge is dead.

That’s really the only thing I still miss from Firefox. Waaaaaaay more tab options and the ability to modify them. Hell, this recent change for Chrome would be much easier to swallow if we had more tab modification options.

Annoyance: I can no longer mute per-tab

edit - great, it’s been moved to the experimental flags


May they rest in peace.

If you rebuild your tab list, use the following to save them for the future. Yes, I know it shouldn’t be needed, but it is what it is. I do this for my “standard tabs” in case of events like yours.

(three dots in upper right of Chrome) -> Bookmarks -> Bookmark Open Pages -> (give it a new folder name) -> Save.

I’ve had the same situation as you happen to me before after some strange event that I can’t recall. It was extremely annoying. 99% of the time I get prompted to reload the last set of tabs prior to whatever event happened.

Does anyone use gestures (forward/back swipe from the screen edge) for Chrome on Android? They were a feature you had to enable in chrome://flags on Android (which is stupid, because they are enabled by default in Chrome on Win10), and I’ve been using them for a while and have gotten very used to them. But then today they just stopped working. I figured Chrome had been updated and they were just disabled for some reason, but when I went to look and re-enable them, the setting seems to have been removed completely? Wtf?

Well, Google, you’ve just made me install Edge. I hope you’re happy.

I like Pale Moon as it lets me open my tabs below the address bar.

I have to open some pages in Brave or Chrome, but otherwise it works well.

Is there a way to hide NY times from search results? Half the topics I search for now seem to link to NY times articles behind a paywall.

QUERY: the thing I’m searching for

There is also an extension called Personal Blocklist. That will allow you to do it permanently. You can go to the site, then click the icon on your bar and select the “Block xxxx.yyyy.zzzz”

The only small issue with it is that the Chrome pop-outs aren’t filtered. Not sure how to do that without what Woolen_Horde mentioned.

As an example, if I block the domain like so:

I still get these:

But my actual search results look like so:

Notice I didn’t block the site. You’d need to filter all of their link domains.

Works beautifully! Thanks! Even if the Times’ coverage of Covid-19 is great, having the top twenty results behind a paywal, and with an enticing headline, was driving me crazy.

Deleting cookies still works. There’s probably a userscript or extension that automates it.

Firefox has a paywall bypass extension.

There’s one for Chrome too. Has to be manually installed

For this, thank you.

On my phone I never get the paywall for whatever reason. (Using the official News apps on Windows Phone and Android IIRC.)