Chrome Help - Using two different accounts at once

I am changing my work computer and am running into an odd issue with chrome.
I have a chrome profile for work, lets say this is [email protected] and then I have my home account which is [email protected].

What I would like to do is sign into chrome itself with [email protected], and then have my actual gmail, google drive, etc… be [email protected].

Now on my old computer it is setup this way, and I can close chrome, open it again, and I my email is my home account, google drive is home, but the chrome profile is still work.

On my new computer, it keeps choosing my work account for gmail and google drive. I can click on gmail and say sign into an additional account, then I can get my home gmail, but every time chrome restarts, its back to my work account for gmail and google drive all over again. I have to keep signing in again.

Is there a way I can create this permanent association? I think the problem is that on my old computer, back in the day, signing into chrome did NOT sign you into gmail. Now they seem to be coupled.

I use Mozilla Thunderbird for email. It doesn’t care who you are logged in as in Chrome or Drive. It is kind of janky however.

I recommend Mailspring. In contrast to Thunderbird it is quick, actually looks like a modern piece of software and the free version supports up to four accounts.

However, this is more than just a mail problem, isn’t it?

Yes its more than a mail problem.
I really want to have two different accounts active in chrome at once. One for chrome itself, which has all my bookmarks and work plugins, and then another for everything else. I can temporarily fix this by clicking on my profile icon and selecting adding another account, then using my home account. However, if I restart chrome, I need to do this all over again.

I did think of a possible solution, I still have access to my old machine. If I can find out where chrome stores all its settings and then copy that directory to my new box, then maybe it will work like it did before.

However, there should be able a way to do this without having to resort to that. I suppose I should start googling where chrome keeps its settings on windows.

I do this, but the other way around. I have a personal Chrome profile, but use a work account for Gmail/Docs/Calendar/Google cloud access.

My Chrome is logged in as my personal account, it logs me into Gmail as my personal account by default when I open Chrome.

I pause Chrome account syncing, then go into Gmail, and log out of my personal account. Then I log into my work account in Gmail. Then I re-enable Chrome account syncing. Now, I have my personal bookmarks, but my default Google account is my work account. If I want to check my personal email, I can use the Gmail account drop-down to open a new window with my personal email, but it doesn’t reset my “default” Google account for that session.

I have to do this each time I reset my computer, but now that I know the process it only takes a minute or two. I haven’t figured out a way to make the settings permanent, but I leave chrome open all the time, so it’s just once per reset.

I found it:

Disable the account consistency.

I just did that and restarted my browser, and was still signed into the correct chrome account and still signed into my correct gmail account.

I swear, there is so much crap in chrome, and you have no easy way to discover this easily yourself. I didn’t even know there was a chrome flags area until just now.