Chrome NOT a steaming pile?

After the corny MPEG of the game that turned into a running joke on most forums, I didn’t expect much from Chrome but after spending some time with this game its actually quite good. The dialogue is still pretty bad but other than that I find the missions challenging and deeper than, say, the average Raven shooter. Theres a lot of parallels with Dues Ex insofar as being limited in what you can carry into a mission for weps and equipment as well as a bio-implant aspect that augments things like aim, stamina, speed, armor, etc. but can only be used for a short amount of time or you start to take physical damage.

Missions are heavily scripted but Techland did a decent job of keeping things flowing where you have SOME leeway in how you go about completing tasks. Graphically the game looks very sharp with huge outdoor areas, beautiful lighting, textures and lush vegetation.

If these guys had hired a good writer this game could easily have been one of the top games of the year (just my opinion). As it is now, for $40, I’ve certainly played worse.

Has anyone else had a chance to play the full version? What are your thoughts?


What are the multiplayer modes?