Chronic pain and TENS units

I just got a TENS unit for chronic, debilitating, almost crippling back pain - and it’s turned my life around.

It zaps current right to the area that hurts, blocking pain signals and triggering endorphins. IT’S BETTER THAN DRUGS. In two days it has loosened up my back better than anything I’ve swallowed or had shot into my veins. And I get to use it whenever I need it.

Chronic pain sufferers, ask your physician or PT or chiro whether a TENS unit could help you. I can’t recommend this type of therapy highly enough.

I’m glad you found something that works for you. Chronic pain is a huge issue for many people (I’m not one of them, luckily), but you don’t hear about it as much as other issues like diseases. I hope the treatment continues to work and alleviate your pain.

Congratulations. TENS appears, based on my non-scientific survey of a lot of people who complain of chronic neurogenic pain, to have a low success rate, but it’s certainly better than the alternatives of drugs or potentially failed surgery.

On the other hand, my sample group is a particularly bad one, as all of them were in litigation when surveyed.

I’ve been through surgery; I had a lamenectomy <sp?> of L3, L4 and L5. It alleviated the pain for about 5 months, then it came back. In spades.

I guess I’m pretty lucky that the TENS works as well as it does. I’ve been on dope that would kill a horse - and it wasn’t as effective as this little thing. I’m going down on my meds in an experiment to see how low I can go and still be comfortable. With the TENS, I’m optimistic I’ll be pretty successful in getting off of most of the dope.