No idea WTF is going on here, but it seems like a cross between Jumpers and Super 8, or something. Color me somewhat intrigued.

Nice to see a movie doing the “power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely” thing. It’s gotta be better than X-Men 3, right?

No, no it doesn’t gotta. Unfortunately.

I’ll go see it.

I’ll probably download this, and then feel guilty about it later.

Why does everything of interest these days start out with “High Schoolers”. Do we have no other interesting segment of society any more? I realize that there have always been high school movies. It just seems like, perhaps, Twilight, has poisoned the waters of Hollywood’s target audience metrics.

They’re the only ones left willing to pay 12 dollars to go see a movie once when it comes out instead of just waiting for the dvd, which makes more sense for married couples and families.

. . . because the goddamned theaters are full of high-schoolers ruining the experience. Vicious cycle.

Well that and most folks have pretty good home theatre setups, and the price of two people to hit the theatre is about the price of a DVD, and price of a family is enough to get the blu-ray. So you can try to go opening night, with the volume pumped at levels that actually cause physical permanent ear damage. Or wait til it comes out on blu-ray.

This came out and is pretty fantastic, IMO. Not perfect by any stretch, but a far better origin story type hero film than most of the big studio offerings.

The local review noted that this is supposed to take place in Seattle but was mostly filmed in South Africa. Apparently they threw some digital Seattle landmarks in to make it look real, but the screen capture they showed in the review looked completely wrong.

Alternate universe Seattle confirmed.

Loved it.

It’s a fantastic movie. I thought it was very clever how they were able to leverage the plot elements of the movie to broaden what a found footage, or shakycam, movie could be. There was lots of nice subtext to everything too, from the guys bleeding “getting my period” to the moral ambiguity ofthe ‘good’ guy winning by literally stabbing his cousin in the back.

It’s so good I actually want a sequel and I want it now.

It’s good? That really surprises me. The trailers made this look like it COULD be good, but usually movies like this are awful in some way. Good to hear!

Those were my exact thoughts. “Wow, this looks cool.” Then, “It will not be cool.”

I was surprised by how good it was, went to see it last night as The Grey was booked out.

Nice to know this is good. Also had the same reaction to the trailer as Tyjenks and Robert.

I forced my wife to accompany me to see this movie this morning. We both liked it a lot. She (the artistic one) thought the found footage cinematography was excellent, and we both liked the story. The young actors were pretty good too.

Here’s what I dont understand.

The movie looks awesome, so I checked when it was coming to Denmark. 12th of april…

Yes, 12th of april, as in in about 2 months! So, I understand the movie industry has it hard with piracy running rampant, but I think things like this is kinda a part of the reason. People see it has been released in the States, and there is more than 2 months till release, so they figure, hey, I’ll just go watch it on the net somewhere.

And thats a goddamn shame - Movies should be seen in the cinemas, well some movies at least.

Anyways - apologies for the rant, but its a mystery to me why things are done like this but I’m glad to hear the movie is as good as it seems.

Razgon, I don’t know for sure, but it probably has to do with 20th Century Fox having other priorities in terms of distributing movies to Denmark and other countries. This is ultimately a tiny movie for them and not really worth the hassle of a simultaneous international release. The cost was negligible because of the found footage conceit, the lack of any names, and the fact that it was shot in South Africa. I think I saw somewhere that this is a $10 million movie. So they’re probably not as concerned with avoiding piracy and marketing as they would be with something higher profile like, say, Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Basically, any money this movie makes is just gravy.