Kind of amusing, I liked the “40 Year Old Virgin” vibe that Chuck’s regular life had, but the spy stuff is so over-the-top and ridiculous and at the same time handled with so much melodrama that it dragged the whole show down. I felt like the show was taking its patently ludicrous premise way too seriously.

I’ll give it an episode or two, but I wasn’t encouraged.

I heard it all falls apart in the 2nd episode, but I’ll still give it a few to see what happens.

It would have been a good show without any of the spy stuff at all, just Chuck fumbling around in life.

Hey everybody, it’s Jake 3.0!

Pros: hot chicks, adam baldwin is a badass
Cons: Everything else is lame. Canceled in 5…4…

I enjoyed it. I never felt as if the show were taking the spy stuff seriously, it was always presented as over-the-top. The hot blond getting dressed for her “date” for example, and the resulting scene in the club. Or the chase sequence, and the whole bomb thing. All those came off (to me at least) as part of the comedy (as evidenced by Chuck’s reactions), not intentional drama.

Plenty of geek references, a hilarious buddy, hot chicks and Adam Baldwin. I’ll certainly stick around for a few more episodes to see where it goes.

I wasn’t thrilled, but I did find it amusing. I don’t know if it will be able to keep it up, and there were times I felt it was taking itself a tad too seriously, but overall it worked okay for me.

I will keep and eye on it and see what happens.

Canceled by Christmas.

I was into it for the first half, and Marsha Brady in her underwear was nothing to sneeze at, but c’mon. He’s got “a computer in his head” that will always give him the answer that he needs as the plot dictates.

And the idea that he should “go back to his normal life” after all this happens is just silly. He would have been packed off to gitmo and wired up as some sort of modern day oracle.

Baldwin should have shot him.

This isn’t great spy drama, the geek out of water stuff could get old, and Dean is probably right about the deus ex machina in the making.

But we thought it was OK. The lead is appealing and the supporting cast shows promise. Not to big on the love interest, but I like the idea of super agent man working at Best Buy.

We’ll stick around for a few weeks and see where it goes.


What all of you said. When it comes down to cutting back from all the new premieres to a manageable number of shows to watch regularly, this one could easily get cut early on or recorded for a few weeks and then deleted altogether before watching them all.

Chuck kind of reminded me of Ugly Betty (though I doubt it will have its success) in that all the funny stuff that happens at work, with the friends and family, etc. is great. I really enjoyed that part of the show and was laughing out loud a few times, but then those spy bits come in (much like that bizarre murder/faked death stuff in the first few episodes of Ugly Betty) and it just grinds the show to a halt.

Anyway yeah, good times… for maybe 4-5 more episodes.

“Oceanic flight 815 was shot down by…”

I felt like the second episode did a better job with the tone and silliness/melodrama integration. Might turn out decent after all.

Yeah. I really like Adam Baldwin and I’m curious as to where things are going with Bryce’s backstory and motivations. My only concern is that they will feel compelled to let Chuck “solve” everything at the end of each episode by virtue of his nerditude. Also, the sooner they stop trying to explain the brain computer shit, the faster I can forgive it for being so nonsensical.

Would you believe?
It aint her.
Seems someone has perfected the cloning technology.

I just did not find it that entertaining last night. Nothing in particular. The plot line is fine and the performances are good, but it is just not clicking. The entire helicopter scene was just weak. If I had the time, I would watch, but this one is getting benched.


Yes, I thought this was amusing, being a Lostie. Reference to a show on another network. Priceless.

Too much spy stuff, not enough Chuck stuff.

Chuck is actually starting to grow on me. I still don’t think it’s very good, and it’ll be canceled in a couple of episodes, but it’ll keep its season pass.

Yeah, I knew that, but she’s close enough for government work.

Also found my attention drifting last night. Didn’t care at all what happened, and in the end the wife and I both said, “That was not good.”