CIA admits breaking a few eggs

Whoo dogger, the CIA is evil. For those who aren’t in the mood to read the story or the underlying court opinion, the gist of it is this: there’s this CIA officer who “retires” in 1971, but is really still working for the CIA. He poses as a wealthy American businessman / arms dealer, gets in close with countries like Libya, Iran, and Saudi Arabia, and then sends intelligence back to the CIA (including blockbusters like Libyan plans for nuclear weapons and details on Libyan assassination teams). As part of that, he does ship actual weapons (explosives, timers, plans for shooting ranges, etc.) to the target countries. Bob Woodward and other reporters start nosing around and the government, fearing a scandal, turns around and charges the agent with illegal arms sales. The agent immediately says “I’m no arms dealer, I’m a CIA agent and you know it, you authorized all this stuff!” The government, of course, says “No we didn’t,” and the guy gets convicted in the early 80’s. It’s only recently come to light what really happened because defense attorneys finally managed (apparently through a leak) to get ahold of internal government memoranda discussing how the whole thing was a big lie. This CIA agent is certainly no saint, but whoo-whee…that is pretty damn evil.

The Pre-Church reform CIA was terrifying.

I blame Reagan.

Then again:

He was convicted in Texas in 1983, receiving a 17-year sentence for similar crimes, and a New York court sentenced him to 25 years, to run consecutively with the Texas and Virginia sentences, for attempted murder, criminal solicitation and other charges involving claims that Wilson conspired behind bars to have witnesses and prosecutors killed.

Sounds like he kinda needed to be in prison anyway.

— Alan