Cimmerian Space BETA Test for Free, the 1st 1000 players even get rewards!

Hi Everyone!!!

We are F3D Games and we have stayed around Qt3 for a small while. We didn’t post about our Sci-fi webgame-Cimmerian Space before, since there are too many outstanding games/projects here and we dont wanna “spam” you guys before we really have something to talk about;)

But now! We finally have some real exciting news for you guys, that is:

• We are launching our BETA TEST for Cimmerian Space!
• We invite everyone in Qt3 to attend!
• And the 1st 1000 players to sign up get $5 worth of rewards!

And so you might really want to know the following informations!!!

---------------------------------------HOW TO SIGN UP FOR BETA-------------------------------------------------

  1. STEP ONE: Just click our signup page:

  2. STEP TWO: Fill in your Name and E-mail address
    (and thats all we need, we believe you can finish this step within 10 seconds;))

  3. STEP THREE: Wait for our email and you will soon start to enjoy Cimmerian Space and become rich!

[B]---------------------------------------WHAT IS CIMMERIAN SPACE------------------------------------------------

[/B]As a 3D, Sci-fi, Web/Mobile Game, Cimmerian Space thrusts you in to the hot seat as you explore a 3D universe using just your web browser. Starting off piloting a small spaceship, you’ll get the opportunity to trade, dogfight and bounty hunt your way to success. Packed full of stunning 3D models and artwork as well as featuring photographic fashion shoots bringing the vivid characters to life, Cimmerian Space is going to be at the cutting edge of both technology and fashion. Cimmerian Space uses a Freemium game model, and connects users via Facebook allow social interaction.

Cimmerian Space is using a WebGL game engine content, which is delivered fast direct to your browser. And we are so excited that Apple has finally let us into the walled garden, announcing that iOS8 will support WebGL. This is big news for us as it means the F3D Engine can now run in all major desktop and mobile browsers.

Here we would like to share some screen shots, hope you like them:)

#Working on cross platforms#

#Ship Editing#

#Space Station#

For some progress of our upcoming kickstarter launch, our F3D team have recently commissioned Iggy Design as the lead designer for the project, take a look at some of his outstanding artwork:

----You can check our official pages to find out more. Any suggestions or advices or encouragements are extremely welcomed!
Official Page:
FB Page:

Why is Cleopatra 2525 pointing a gun at me?

What does this have to do with Conan the Barbarian?

But good luck with it, guys. Tough market to break into.

Clearly it’s a pizza slicer.



That first image is like a huge warning flag.

I bid 40 gold cuboids on the newcomer!!

Thats good news, for sure.

I don’t follow the news, but it seems that is possible to create apps (games) using html5 that uses a hardware accelerated chrome based render. The possibilities intrigue me.

Dang, I just visited this thread to make some bad Conan jokes, but I’ve been beaten to the punch so thoroughly that there’s nothing left for me to do.

Okay, I’m definitely getting some pizza for dinner.

But seriously, $5 worth of gold cuboids? And you want gamers to play this game? The fact that it’s possible to buy cuboids with real money tells me all I need to know. Well, really, the garish colors and crappy photoshopping and ugly model was enough. No, no, actually, “coming soon to facebook” was more than enough.

Harsh, man. That model would be pretty cute without all that makeup.

Oh, is that makeup? Okay, okay, I retract my condemnation of the model. Though her elbows look weird in that pose.

Did someone say pizza? Conan?

The elbows are fine, it’s the knees that I find disturbing.

Tough crowd.

Me no get, help please.

I love this last line at the bottom of the OP.

What am I hesitating for? Uh, not a fan of Facebook style pay-to-proceed with IAPs and nagging notifications type games.
I’d rather beta test a game about getting Conan to eat pizza in space.

I choose never.

Conan the Cimmerian, girl holding pizza slicer, pizza shaped like spaceship. Garlic powder is a popular condiment for pizza.

I have never seen nor heard of this. Garlic powder? On Pizza?

Yes, in the absence of real garlic, of course. Most steel-oven corner pizzerias in the northeast have a shaker of stale garlic powder available, but apparently the joy stops in delaware or something…