Circuit City all DVD's

Circuit City isn’t selling movies in VHS format anymore. I’m glad that DVD’s are getting so popular, I hope that it will reverse the moviemaking trend that VHS started when it became popular. The popularity of the VHS forced many moviemakers to compact the action on the screen to where the movie could be reformatted to fit onto a TV. This has always made movies seem less “cinematic” to me and the visuals less “sweeping”.

I’m just glad someone finally released The Last Dragon on DVD, what a classic. Any movie with a character named “Sho’Nuff” is worth the cost of admission. The fact that the main characters nickname is “the chocolate covered yellow peril” only adds to the enjoyment.

Who’s the Shogun of Harlem?!

That movie is EPIC. Sho’ Nuff? Bruce Leroy? The Glow? I must get this on DVD.