Circuit City GBA/DS Clearance Sale

Maybe word of mouth is sufficient to clean out their excess inventory within a week even w/o ads? They do this stuff every once and awhile and they never mark down titles or really advertise it.

I think they will be advertised for a July 4th special or some such thing. Anyway, I dropped about 100 bones on 9 or 10 games today. (Tekken 5 wasn’t on sale ;))

Selection definitely depends on your Circuit City.

My grand haul from a much larger list I took with me was Scooby Doo Unmasked and The Incredibles: Rise of the Underminer, both for PS2. (Yeah, not great games, but they’re suitable for play in front of, and appealing to, the kid. :)

It’s been tough finding a Circuit City with the games in stock.

Welcome Austin.

Crap, I got there and it was mostly cleaned out. I could only get sigma star saga. I think they got cleaned out of the FF games on the first day.

Is it the same for the other CCs out there?

They had plenty of FF at mine, but I already had them. However, San Andreas was not available for either system, which was a shame since 9$ was about my price point for finally trying that game out. But, hey, Tales of Phantasia was dirt cheap, and Lego SW was marked down to 19 which was quite acceptable.

The CC closest to me was cleaned out. There was nothing I was interested in even at $9. I ended up getting the Finding Nemo game for the DS, for my daughter. What a piece of shit game, you dont even play as the main characters.


Damn, I wish I would have read this first. It’s one of three titles they had left for the DS, so I bought it for my daughter. Maybe I’ll Ebay it.

I had pretty good luck at the Culver City CC but the Santa Monica one sucked and I will never ever go back there.

I managed to get the following…
The Eye Toy antigrav ( whatever on the game its a 9 dollar web cam!!!)
The Friends Game ( Chicks might like it ya never know )
Dig Dug DS
Lunar DS
Harvest Moon
Metroid Zero Mission
Sigma Star Saga
Xenosaga 2 ( I never played the first one so /shrug )
Wild Arms 4 ( yeah I heard its not that great but for 9 bucks its too cheap to pass up )
I am kinda debating on going to another CC tomorrow I mean I had a pretty good haul already and really the only games I want are Tales of Phantasia Radita Stories and We Love Kata. Well I really wanted some of the DS games but yeah good luck finding any of those both CC’s I went to had a horrible horrible selection of DS games.

So for anyone who has it, how is dig driller for the gba? Is it worth 34$ to pick up? Chances are I’m going to pick up FF1+2 but Dig Driller and Sigma were two games I was waiting for a price drop to get.

Both of those games are $9 with the sale at CC, assuming you meant Dig Dug.

Oops I meant Drill Dozer. My cc had alot of dig dugs.

That one was also $9 with the sale. But yes, it is an excellent platformer. I paid full price at release and don’t regret it.

Also, the list here omits all the XBOX and PS2 games that were on sale, but it’s a moot point since I think it ends tomorrow. CAG had the full list. Friend and I had a good time running to CC to pick up games.

My CC sucks. Or does every CC have their GBA and DS games in a gigantic jumble on the shelves so to find anything except the 500000 copies of the game you don’t want you have to look through EVERY FRICKING ONE?

And then not find what you wanted anyway…

That was true for the GBA games, they were in a multilayer stack crammed inside a big basket. But since I was like the only one in the store, I had store workers digging through it for my 9.00 big spender purchase. It felt great.

I’m looking for meteos if anyone finds it

I went to another CC today because I was in that area. I made a list of stuff that we would be interested in at the $9 price point, and it was a decent sized list. However, it was picked clean, like the other one. They had one copy of FFIV Advance and I was like ‘Score!’ then took it to the register and had it ring up for $30. So, that sucked. I had to tell the guy to put it back in its little plastic prison.


The sale must have ended last night, like I had posted and others had mentioned on CAG. My friend picked it up for 9 yesterday.

Oh well. I found the last copy of FF1+2 at eb, 20$ was alright. I might get drill dozer there in a few weeks along with castlevania double pak.

Dang, all I managed to get was Polarium. Which is cool, since that was one of the games I didn’t want to pay more than like 15$ for, and, as expected, it has that kind of value - a couple of modes and not as much replayability as most puzzle games. Still pretty dang fun, though.

Sadly, no AW:DS. :/ I hate, hate, hate the fact that download and play only gives you Combat mode. How lame.