CircuitCity sale on PC software

It looks like CircuitCity has a sale on PC software. I just stopped by and picked up BF1942:Road to Rome for $4.99, but NWN:SoU was still about $25, bleh. They haven’t changed the stickers on the boxes but if you ask them to check the price, it should ring up with the sale price.

You can see what they have on sale at, just select games - by price - pc games.

Hmmm Medievel: Total War is about $15, that definitely looks interesting.

Halo and Temple of Elemental Evil for $9.99 each are great deals. $14.99 for the Medal of Honor Assault Pack is also a steal.


Yeah some good deals, to bad Avp2 Gold is out of stock. Thats the only one I don’t already have that I’d be interested in getting.

They do have NFS Underground and Tron 2.0 for 14.99. Those are both excellent and sort of recent games.

Halo for $9.99?

I’d hit it.

Shit, Halo was $10?

I got ToEE and LOTR: War of the Ring for $10 a pop.

Most games are $5 off–though some are 50% or even 75% off. Very nice sale. All console games, in fact, are $5 cheaper…

Its a sale on every kind of game, not just PC. There are a couple of threads at


I just grabbed this and ToEE. I’m shocked at how playable Halo is online over a 56k. I just got done playing on a Race server with 7 -8 other people for 2 or 3 hours with no probs.

Icewind Dale collection (1, the expansion pack for 1, and 2) for $15. Sold!

I snagged Halo today for $9.99. It was marked $29.99 on the shelf. They also had Warlords IV for $4.99.

Damn… the website apparently updates nightly and removes sold out stuff. Does anyone remember if NOLF2 was $4.99? I think it was…


Contract Jack was 4.99… I don’t recall seeing NOLF2.

checking the site, seems everything has gone up 5 bucks a game unless i am missing some secret 5 dollar off button

According to a thread on cheapassgamer, BOF: Dragon Quarter is now $5 at Circuit City. If you have a PS2, you have to get it. Period.