Circumcision poll #2: In general, yes or no?

Yes, hideously personal poll thread #2. Circumcision: good or bad? Discuss. Is this strictly politics & religion? If so let me know and I’ll boot it over there, but it seemed JUUUUST borderline enough that I wanted to try the higher signal/noise that’s present here. (heh)

I vote No on making a second poll. Your poll options are broken.

I think we need you to add a “STOP MAKING SO MANY GOD DAMNED POLLS” option to all polls from this point forward, Repo.

I had planned to go ahead and have my son snipped when he was born last year. My wife, from Japan, said it was rarely done over there, and felt rather strongly about not wanting to make him go through the trauma.

Having been circumcised myself as an infant, I didn’t put much stock in her worries about “trauma”, but frankly, I couldn’t come up with any reason to bother with it. As long as you teach the kid good habits vis a vis hygiene, there’s really nothing to suggest any benefit for either condition, either from sexual or health/hygiene perspectives.

I see no good reason to do it.

The hygiene thing can be taken care of by teaching the kid to not let his wang get funky. I’ve nannied for eight boys, six of them have been uncircumcised. Hygiene was never an issue. We taught them proper hygiene along with potty training. As for HIV/AIDS, any future boy of mine will get an earful about safe sex and have access to condoms, so I hope that would not be an issue for him.

I can kind of understand doing it so they will look like everyone else and avoid locker room or sex embarrassment. Not circumcising is becoming a more common decision though, so I don’t think that is as much of an issue and any lady that gives a guy grief about what his penis looks like does not deserve to be pleasured by that penis.

I would never do it to a future son. I feel very strongly about it, especially after seeing two friends being emotional wrecks over their little boys getting botched circumcisions. One’s son is on his second surgery to have it corrected and the other just had an unsuccessful third surgery and will have to go for another in a year. It’s heartbreaking, especially considering they chose to circumcise for cosmetic reasons.

No damned good reason.

One’s son is on his second surgery to have it corrected and the other just had an unsuccessful third surgery and will have to go for another in a year. It’s heartbreaking, especially considering they chose to circumcise for cosmetic reasons.

Aaagh! It hadn’t really occurred to me that it was anything other than a very simple procedure, how do you fuck it up 3 times? If I were that kid I’d be so pissed off in a few years time when I learnt that I’d gone through that because mummy wanted me to have a prettier penis.

I would be deeply disturbed.

Yea, in North American there isn’t an AIDS epidemic, and most intelligent do use condoms, which are readily available. The hygiene thing is just retarded.

3 boys, 3 circumcisions. Low maintenance wangs. The fact that God wants 'em that way is just a bonus.

God does, Jesus doesn’t. Was the first then the Catholic Church agreed upon.

Are you going to take medical advice from the guy who made the platypus?

When my son was born, my wife wanted to leave him uncut. I am cut, so I felt mildly reluctant. I asked for time to think about it. One thing I did to make up my mind was ask people for their opinion (like you’re doing in this thread). I even called my mom, who raised us Catholic but then converted to the fundamentlist Chrstian church while I was in the Navy. Talking to mom decided it for me.

This is pretty much how the conversation went:

Mom: Well, if you don’t, it’s eternal damnation.
Me: Really? I thought that was just for the Jews.
Mom: Nope, it’s for eveyrone. Eternal damnation.
Me: Jesus, I didn’t know.
Mom: You do what you want. I’m just saying.

We decided to let the boy’s penis alone. When he started to talk, one of the first things he asked me was why our penises looked so different. I put him off until one day when he was about three and my mom was just about to visit our house.

We were both having a squirt into the bowl and he asked why we looked so dissimilar. I was about to put him off again, but then decided it was time. I put the lid down, sat down, and looked him in the eye.

“When I was a little baby,” I said, “right after I was born, the doctors asked my mom if they could cut off the end of my penis.” My son’s eyes got big as half dollars. “My mom told the doctors, ‘sure!’ and gave me to them” My son’s mouth fell open. “When the doctor asked mommy and me if he could cut off the end of your penis, we said, ‘No, that’s okay. We like him just the way he is.’”

My three-year old just stood there quiet for a few minutes. Then he reached up, grabbed me around the neck, and gave me a hug. After a few seconds he let go, and walked out of the room.

To this date, he has never asked me about his penis again.

Damn I’m glad I started this thread.

100% sincerity here.

If it keeps you from cutting your boy, then me too. Otherwise, geez, keep it in P&R where it belongs.

I’m circumcised, but I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything. On the other hand, you’ve got stories like Bulhajj’s. For every guy who lost his dick because of smegma infections there’s a guy who lost his in a botched bris. Anything dealing with your manhood’s going to be an emotional issue, and everyone’s got strong reasons to feel one way or the other.

In the end, it just doesn’t matter all that much. If you have a clean cut or keep your dick washed, it’s going to work just as well and be more than sensitive enough either way.

Be glad then, because that’s exactly what it’s done. Between Sara and Bulhajj, I’m real clear now… no knife, no way.

That may or may not be a good thing.

Deja lit!

Sharp objects do not belong anywhere near the penis. Enough said.