Circumcision poll #2: In general, yes or no?

We’ll see what happens when he’s 13 and has to ask you why all his school friends are getting blowjobs and he’s not!

At 13 every dick is weird and hideous to you.

If he wants it cut, it’s still an option.

The job of a father is to remind his 13 year old son that the actual number of school friends getting blowjobs is much lower than he imagines. See the confessions thread for more information. :)

What a timely thread. Basically, Sara summed up my opinion very well. I just gave birth to a baby boy last Thursday and we left him uncut. Neither of us sees any reason. For all of the horror stories you hear about uncircumcised wangs getting infections, there are just as many ‘botched cut’ horror stories to match.

Also, Bulhajj’s story made me tear up, but that could just be the crazy post-partum hormones :)

Congrats, Jojo!

I’d sort of be torn between the two “No” responses. I definitely fall into the “no benefit” train of thought, but do realize the risk of something going wrong is pretty minuscule. Of course, no matter how low the odds of mishap, why risk it for no tangible reward?

You may very well be experiencing post-partum hormones, but that was tear jerker of a story. Congrats on the new baby! Welcome to parenthood.

I’m composing a longer post for the other thread, but thought I’d just quickly respond to this. There is enough medical literature out there showing ever so slight medical benefits to circumcision that I think “no tangible reward” is a bit misleading. “Of course, no matter how low the odds of mishap, why risk it for a negligible reward?” perhaps would be a better question.

Ok, I’m not cut and not only did I not have any problems getting blowjobs. (Not at 13 more like 16) But The Girls enjoyed playing with it more because it was different.

It just seems wierd not to, imo.

Before our first son was born, my wife and I were debating this. She was in the no camp, and I was ambivalent. About a month before the birth, I had a friend who had to have a circumcision for medical reasons and was in a lot of pain for a while afterwards. We did a little research, and the number that sticks in my head from 13 years ago was that about 5% of uncircumcised males end up having to have a circ as an adult for medical reasons. That and my friend’s experience put us both in the yes camp. They use a local (cream) to minimize the discomfort, and I can’t say I (or my two sons) have any lasting trauma from it.


I seriously doubt that number.

That number is wrong.

I hope a doctor never diagnoses any of my medical problems with, “Maybe we should try cutting off the end of your dick?”

wtf… the injected the side of my new boy’s unit with local anesthesia . And for your friend they just used a bit of topical cream to numb the site?? daaaaamn

I went with the yes… I’m snipped so he’s gonna be snipped.


The WHO recommended that stigma related to circumcision status should be minimized. You should follow that advice, turtleneck.

Same to you, mushroom.

Which pro-circ scaremonger manual did you get that number from?