Citadel Station Signup Thread

Ladies and Gentlemen, the sequel to Citadel of Light’s Glory.

Please note, backstory is not game mechanics; don’t get caught up in trying to over-analyze and derive game mechanics from them. The style and story are inspired by System Shock. Jamie and I are just trying to set up a feeling of place here for ya. All in-setting fiction is copyright Jamie Hittman, 2009, blah blah, don’t rip off her setting or she’ll show up at your door and be very sad at you.

The gameplay will be largely similar to CoLG; players will have Major and Minor powers, though these will be largely killing-people focused by comparison, and 5man circles will be able to perform essentially arbitrary actions.

To be more specific:
-During the Day turn, players will vote on who to “stake”, or sacrifice, for that day and use any Day-specific powers.
-During the Night turn, players may use any Night-specific powers. In addition, players may work together to cast arbitrary spells; one spell requires five people. A player would, if they were channeling in the spell (rather than leading or casting) send the GM a PM saying something like “I am channeling for Bob_Joeson tonight”. Bob_Joeson would send the GM a PM with something like “I am casting a kill spell at AaronSofaer, with my channelers Dude, Dudette, Duderson, and Who Came Up With These Names”.

The game will begin only if 20, preferably 25, people are interested in playing. Signups will reboot January 2nd, game to begin as soon as (and in the event of) enough people being interested. The game will begin with a Night Turn which will be open for 48 hours; following turns will all be open for 24 hours. I will only end turns early if every player has submitted an action and no discussion vis-a-vis changing those actions is taking place. Players who become inactive will be dealt with by in-game mechanics.

If you do play, I highly suggest dumping out your Inbox before game’s start. Very strongly suggest.

Without further ado, an introduction by our narrator.


[i]This is the story your father told you:

 In the beginning, when God came into this world, He bestowed His favorite creation, man, with an immortal soul. At the end of life, this soul leaves the body and travels through God’s domain to be judged. Any soul judged enlightened enough rejoins God in His heaven, [/i]Eden[i]; the rest migrate back to physicality to be reincarnated in another body.[/i]

[b]From: General James Gilead

To: President Regis Malachi

Re: Citadel Station

Date: U. E. (Unification Era) 1344, 12/17, 3:42 am [/b]

Mr. President,

I have sent out team of twenty-five Elyons to investigate the incident at Citadel Station. Evacuation of all research personnel was carried out at 0200 by the Zebulon Navy; one scientist is confirmed dead and two others are in critical condition from injuries resulting from explosive decompression. Nobody seems to know what went on there, but researchers agree on one thing: the central computer has shown activity indicating sentience.

 Damned bunch of crackpots if you ask me.

 Anyway, I’ve attached a bit of history from the MAGI Database for your elucidation:

[i] Citadel Station was constructed by the Zebulon Research Division in U.E. 1300 as an observation post for leyline activity. Located in the Midsector7 crystal fields, the station was used to study the flow of auras from their origins to the Gate of Yetzirah. It was also the first outpost built to engage in the study of Ontohistory: the use of auras to analyze the past and predict future instances of Proclivity. During the Border Conflict, it was briefly used as a proving ground for experimental aura weaponry. Most of the modules used for weaponry have been decommissioned. The remaining weapons modules contain classified materials.

 The station is cross-shaped. It is supported by a gravity field generated by an experimental Clarisite-powered graviton scatterer. The station consists of five modules:

 Central: Contains the main computer and life support systems.

 Somnus: Contains living quarters, mess hall, exercise equipment, etc. This is where spacecraft dock. The control room is also here.

 Gnosis: The main research module. Contains the observation and research equipment for aura monitoring.

 MARS (Military Armament Research Station): The war module. Contains most of the onboard weaponry. Storage is also here.

  Area-9: A locked area in MARS. Contents classified.

 Bios: The biology module. Briefly used for the study of clarisite and aura interactions in subhumans. Several experiments still exist here in stasis.  [/i]

 Once they shut down the computer, we’ll proceed with data recovery and decommission the station as planned.  

General Gilead
Commander of Elyon, Midsector Chapter

Player Roster:

Dan Lawrence
Demon G Sides
Mike O’Malley
Juan Rayo

You know I’m in. This is going to be fun.

How does this relate to the last citadel game, ie is it a sequel or just another game using the same mechanics? And, no, I am definitely not in, just curious.

What have you done, you impudent insect?

It’s just another game using largely the same mechanics, but, in my opinion, much improved upon, both in story and mechanics. Jamie considers it a spiritual sequel. YMMV.

You’re seriously starting this up right before Christmas/New Years? Might want to hold off for a couple weeks.

If the game starts in January, I’m in, but otherwise, nope.

It’s intersession for us college folk. If people don’t want to play, I can run it later. Hadn’t even thought about Christmas, in fact.

I’ll play.

The backstory stuff you’ve posted looks a little difficult to follow. But would “System Shock-inspired space station where all players are psychics.” be an accurate summary?

I’ll play.

Though if it runs over christmas my activity in the game will be crazy spotty as I pop off to visit relations and have sporadic access to the internet.

I will play. There might be points where my activity drops, but I went to Europe during the Purge game, and was able to keep up.

When can we see what tweaks you made?

I’ll play. I’d like to try playing one of these were my strategy isn’t total incompetency (and yes, I know that’s a long shot!).

That’s half your charm!

Let’s get em again Dwolfe.

I guess I"m in, but will give up my spot to another if there’s enough interest.

Brilliant way of putting it! Yes! That is what we’re going for.

When the game starts. One of the tweaks I’ll disclose off the bat is that there is no GCoL/GCoD mirroring where both have full knowledge of their membership.

That sounds great. I thought our commissar from the previous mafia game had a great mechanism to promote in thread communication. Any thoughts about that?

I have some thoughts as to that, but I’m not going to be bringing in a GMPC. That said, yes, I have taken some thought as to in-thread communication and how to promote it.

I look forward to your updated mechanics.

I’ve never played in one of these forum games. Are you going to post a basic how to for a newbie?

If so, I would be interested…

Baseline Mafia/Werewolf/Vampire/Thing games run like this:

Several of the players are something that the others want to get rid of. Let’s use werewolves as our example.

During the day turn, you vote for somebody to be killed. You want to get the werewolves. You indicate your vote for someone by bolding it.

During the night turn, the werewolves can choose to kill someone. They do so by sending their choice to the GM privately. You learn who they killed in the morning.

The werewolves win if they equal or outnumber the surviving normal players. The normals win if all of the werewolves are dead.

This is significantly more complicated than a baseline game.

This is the sign-up thread for the previous game. It should give you an idea of what to expect from this game.

Questions for Aaron:

  1. What is your criteria for inactive players? What do you plan to do with them? If they are removed, do we get to learn their powers/alignment?

  2. Do you think that twenty-four hours is long enough for night turns?