Citadel - The Russo Bros, Amazon, Robb Stark and Priyanka Chopra

I’m not feeling it, myself.

Also, this show has been through production hell and the budget exploded. It’s the second-most expensive TV show ever, after Rings of Power. Amazon spending like a drunken sailor.

The view out the windows on that train could not look more fake and greenscreened in.

It’s an immediate turn-off, yeah. Looks cheap as hell. Except it cost $175 million.

How many different spy show cliches can we pack into on trailer?


You can rotate your screen to any angle and have the same experience with the trailer!

I’m guessing it’ll be like the The Gray Man: an agent action-thriller thing that doesn’t seem particularly interesting, doesn’t look as expensive as it supposedly is, and will be forgotten about a week after its release.

Uh, sunk cost fallacy, I suppose?

Ah, it’s a series and not a movie? The trailer really feels like a movie trailer. I hope they have lots more characters and interesting plots they aren’t showing us.