Citadels on Steam

Anyone heard of this game?

I love me some castle building, but I’ve not heard of this one before. It has a very short trailer, and a few screens. I’m interested, but leery of a game coming out of nowhere like this.

It’s been in the works by Zen Studio (Pinball FX) for a while.

That’s Castlestorm. This is Citadels. And it did, indeed, come out of no where.

First impressions on the Steam forums are not positive.

Oh, ha ha! Guess I got confused.

Yeah I was curious about this. The screenshots look pretty good, but there is a real lack of buzz about it.

I’m pretty sure Gordon Freeman destroyed the Citadel on Steam.

This game is getting torn apart in the forums. Far too expensive to take that sort of chance. From the sounds of it, this game is still very ‘alpha-like’.

TotalHalibut released a video about this game today. Looks dreadful.

Wow, yeah that looks really bad.

Didn’t think it was possible, but this game makes Stronghold 3 look AAA quality.