Cities: Skylines is a piping hot bowl of SimCity comfort food

I'm one of the people who aren't totally satisfied with the game as it is now, but I'm not under any illusion that there were making the game specifically for me. It is definitely more forgiving than I'd like, but you know, I'm not the only guy in the world who bought the game and from reading various forums there are a lot of people who are satisfied.

Oh FFS. They're talking about modding the game to your LIKING which is what's been happening. OF COURSE there are some bugs to resolve, that doesn't mean they've already given up. The notion that what you quoted means they want US to fix the game is the definition of nonsense.

"It’s take[n] a while"
"abandoned lots replace [sic] can be reoccupied after a few weeks"
"So long as my residents [don't] live in polluted areas, no one seems to mind how much I’m trashing the environment."
"the thrill and hardships of creating [and] maintaining the [sic] a real city"

He was rushing to post that 60% on Metacritic. Looks like it got 60% edited.

"Cities: Skylines embraces it’s [its] European origin."

I didn't know if this was true or a joke, I looked it up, there is a mod to enable achievements while using mods. This is why I love PC gaming.

You seriously need to fuck every now and then, instead of writing bullshit, clickbait articles.

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Very well written review...good work! Though going through the text I thought you would have given this at least 4/5

Obviously you havent played the game enough to even figure out 20% of total content, i will give you a tip, this game is mostly based on the modality you can already have first person view for example to counter one of your "negative points". I'm not gonna be bothered with someone who doesn't bother looking into the game ( in depth enough), but making a full whine posts instead, gain some more gametime , even get sufficient i think you don't even know how the RCI works in this game -_-" apparently you dont:P

We call them rotaries here in New England -75% of the people in them at any given time have no idea what they're doing.

No one knows what the hell they're doing in them either...

I think you're missing the fact that an integral part of this game is the modding community. The game was basically made as a love letter to Sim City fans who are pissed and heart broken over Sim City 5. I see this game as more of a starting point, with the end goal being the modding community rounding things out a bit. Like Sim City 4 for example.

You can argue the points of whether or not a game should be judged on the quality of its mods, but with the ease in which mods can be installed on Steam, this game basically screams "Mod Me".

No one [from out of state] knows what they're doing in them.


I like the ability to mod games, and I really appreciate that Colossal made their game friendly to modding. That said, I don't think "mod it" should be a valid response to a flaw noted in a review. For example, Chirpy is an incredibly annoying and wrong-headed addition to the game. There's a mod that eliminates it, but as Colossal has stated, it will never be official because it goes against their vision for the game. That's fair, but it also means that the mod can't be counted as the basic user experience.

I think the loss of another star is due to the issues mentioned in the final paragraphs: there's no real endgame and there's little reason to replay.

It sounds like Skylines is just begging for a patch or expansion that addresses these issues.

Well said, I was very pleased to have come across Tom's review which was fair and didn't just rave about how the game stacks up to SimCity.
I feel like I was able to understand the full mechanics of the game and come up with a thriving, optimized city fairly easily... too easily. That might say more about how well the game provides the player with information than it does about what it lacks in depth. It was a great experience but it didn't last very long and now I don't feel super compelled to go back to the game. I can already buy or build any infrastructure I want due to an abundant economy, so all I have left to do is slowly rinse and repeat, building and optimizing, until I cover all the land.
I can see mods and updates really making this game stand out over time but for now I can only say it lacks a lot of things that I like out of the Tropico series, like the individuality of the citizens and the depth of the game in general like its special industries. The transportation system is done fairly well but in a city builder I want to feel like I'm optimizing the city and not just its traffic.

Totally fair, and I agree.

I only mention it because Sim City 4 changed drastically through mods. So drastically that many gamers cant even think of playing it without them.

I understand reviewing a game based solely on what came "in box" so to speak, but I just feel the ability to mod, and the quality of many mods already out so early in the games life, should be noted.

Good review though, cant fault many of you points.

Yea. Chirpy sucks.

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