City Builder / Colony Manager General Discussion Thread

And just like that it goes to a VERY NEGATIVE rating on Steam.

Sheltered 2 out! And it’s not early access! What kind of craziness is this?

EA dropped today for Sphere Flying Cities:

26% positive reviews ooooof

It’s not doing great in early Steam reviews (as @Fenris99 just said). Sounds like it very early access.

Have we talked much about Timberborn? I just grabbed this one, and it’s pretty good. Still EA but there’s a game there.

Might wait for a sale though

This just left early access:

Got a key via Keymailer so I’ll be streaming it soonish.

I played the demo during one of Steam’s game jam things and it’s been my most anticipated game ever since. Waiting for it to cook a bit more in EA before I bite as well.

Wow, that looks fantastic. Screw you guys for linking yet another promising EA title.

Hahahahah I know right!

Settlement Survivial hit early access this week. It had a demo that I really enjoyed. A bit like Banished with Kingdom and Castles graphics. I like that the tech tree is quite broad and each building can be upgraded different ways. It even has a “cat” upgrade for houses. Stats are available right from the beginning but I didn’t need those in the demo to survive multiple years. Moving workers around and allocating jobs is well done.

Katherine of Sky has been streaming it and I’ve been studiously ignoring the videos. 1.0 or bust.

I have been watching them. If you’re really dead set on 1.0 or bust, I agree you should keep not watching. It is already a really good looking game - probably the best among the recent spate of city/colony builders.

Agreed. There’s definitely a game there - I noticed no holes in the available features (“why isn’t this a thing?!”) during the demo. The year of EA to come is adding more stuff (additional factions, maps, that sort of thing) and refining the existing features based on feedback. I don’t expect any paradigm-upending updates. Plus, 1.0 likely gonna have a price increase.

Yes I enjoyed this too…seems like a reasonable amount of depth already. The translation needs some work but that will come I’m sure.

Settlement Survival we’re talking about.

So this is on sale, I’ll get it and report back.

Ooh nice find! Yes please do post your impressions. It’s on my wishlist now anyway.

So I’ve spent a little time with Silicon City, in its tutorial, and it really has potential.

Did anyone grab this? It’s on Game Pass now and I like the idea of a non-violent city builder in a cosy universe. Not sure when I’ll find time to play it though. Farming Sim is a massive time sink, and I still have half a dozen backlog games to finish.

I didn’t, at least not yet, and my gaming time has been really limited and mostly dedicated to FF XIV, so…