City Builder / Colony Manager General Discussion Thread

I didn’t really care for the poly-cartoon art in the screenshots as I LOVED the art in Banished. Does it gel nice during play?

I am the opposite - I didn’t like the look in Banished as it seemed drab (though more realistic). I do like the art in this game so far; seems very crisp and clean looking. But then again I like animation a lot and this does look cartoony.

I didn’t even really notice it honestly. Maybe I am just so zoomed out it is hard to tell.

And instantly wishlisted. Based on the short trailer on the Steam page I’m actually getting “Anno but with lots of trains” vibes.

Dammit, wishlisted.

Yea me too. That looks wonderful.

Train games are your thing as I recall!

I had the misfortune of not discovering Transport Tycoon until I stumbled across the port on MOBILE. Which actually isn’t bad, but isn’t the same at all.

I loved Factorio.

Jumping in early on a convergence of those two sounds wonderful to me!

This game looks so good after reading through the dev blog posts on Steam.

wishlisted for sure

Anyone remember an old Windows 95 game called Beasts & Bumpkins? It’s a little like the early MS-DOS Settlers games if Animal from The Muppet Show got his own video game where he got to yell, “WOO-MAN!” and chase little computer women around in between building his village.

I do remember that game, pretty sure I played it back then. No idea if I liked it though.

I should be using my EGS coupon to get Against the Storm, right?

Would be an all time low of $7.

Yes. Excellent game.

Almost certainly. It’s real good, and there’s every reason to expect it’ll be getting better.

Without hesitation. I just tried the demo a couple times again last week, took my time with it and bought it over the weekend. Doh!

It’s great once you dig in a bit and pause it and look at all there is there.

I fell hard into Against the Storm this weekend, so in my enthusiasm I barfed out a big long description of how the game works, what makes it unique, and what I think of it over in a standalone thread.

If you’re playing it, I would love to hear what you think and maybe share strategies. If you have questions about it, I’ll be happy to answer them there!

So this is awkward:

TIL Circuit City still exists:

That actually sounds kinda cute.

Hey a Reboot City builder would be really cool. Got to build your mainframe, protect it from Megabyte.