City Builder / Colony Manager General Discussion Thread

I played it before release so i only tried the stranded mode, and not the new ones. It’s indeed a 3d rimworld and it was pretty fun. It doesn’t have the depth of rimworld obviously, specially in the social interactions.

What i didn’t like was the combat, it feels too much like a tower defense game, atleast in the higher difficulty modes. It spawns like 100 monsters that you end up having to tunnel into your flamethrowers, mines and turrets.

I can’t stand Stranded Alien Dawn. The pace is unrelentingly slow, you get zero hints on what to research next. And when you really want / need something, it’s super frustrating trying to figure it out. Eg, I get food spoiled. So I need a fridge. Then I need electricity. I can’t research solar panels because I need to “find / make electronics”, which after scavenging so many wrecks around me and not finding any, research and build a electronics bench and I can’t even remember what I was missing then. But rest assured, the game will never ever give you any hints or put things in an order in the research tree to even try & suggest what might be a good order of things to go do.

The tutorial tells you to build a hut and put all the sleeping bags in it. Then you keep getting (-5 for disturbed sleep). But if you would have just built 4x huts and placed them a few feet apart, that would never happen. It took me asking on the forums to find out why I kept getting “cave dweller” - you get penalties, but for me I just am not seeing any cues on how to get rid of it.

The pace is so darn slow. 6hrs of my time completely wasted (not to mention hours watching youtube vids) with this. I just lack the patience to play the game 10x to figure out how to play the game.

Really enjoyed the simplicity and look of the Steamworld Build Demo. Amazing use of that IP.

New Cycle.

Post apocalyptic city builder.

They mentioned on the Future Games Show that they have a demo of Laysara Summit Kingdom on steam now.

I saw a train! Do Want!

Watched a stream of this but apart from the cool theme and the disasters it wasn’t clear it was bringing much really new/different to the subgenre. Always hard to tell from early game, of course, and it’s definitely on my radar, but I’m keeping my expectations in check.

There was a demo for New Cycle during the last demo fest or whatever it was, if you’re interested in it. As I recall, my initial impression was that it was a bog standard survival builder but after I watched someone else play it a bit I changed my mind and I’ll give it a closer look when it comes out (no EA for me).

A Roman-themed city-builder from the creators of Kingdoms and Castles? Well 2024 is going to be a bit of a wait but sign me up.

Hot Damn! The best time period for a city builder!

Roma Victor!

Yeah, I’m sure I’ll be on board with this as we haven’t had a good Roman city builder in awhile. They are still updating Kingdoms and Castles so I expect a long tail here as well.

I’m really wanting a game that simulates if we were to take 20K-50K people to a new planet and start from scratch, having all the knowledge we have today.

I’d like to focus on building a city without cars / trucks and focusing only on mass transit / trains but realizing that I need to get mining / manufacturing going to create the housing / etc.

Does something like this exist?

Sim City works really well with this. I never played any of the sequels but one thing I always made sure never to build in Sim City was roads. It was such a relief not to have to worry about traffic.

that is basically Survivng Mars, I’d say?

Wouldn`t that make starting the game really hard? Hard to budget mass transportation only?

I did not like Surviving Mars, the RNG on resources, rovers blowing up, etc just isn’t my cup of tea. I never got far enough to build anything interesting.

I was looking at the Cities Skylines 2 trailer with my mouth salivating. But then I went to Can I Run It to check out my laptop vs. the game’s specs, and I found my laptop (purchased a couple years ago, sporting a 3070) doesn’t even meet the minimum specs… not enough vram (8 GB vs. 11GB), and a cpu that is underpowered. Sheesh!

I think you’re looking at recommended rather than minimum specs - the minimum GPU is a GTX 780 (3 gb).

Not really? You just need to make sure there’s a rail line connecting all the properties, just like you would do with roads. So start small just like you do with roads, and build up from there.