City Builder / Colony Manager General Discussion Thread

I also agree: fairly cool mechanics and design but nothing to really drive the player forward when I played it a couple patches ago. If the new patches have added some direction to the game, please let us know, triggercut.

(I think it was a while ago in this thread, so) I’ll close the loop by stating that i picked up Zeus & Poseidon for $5 in the steam sale and I’m looking forward to trying it out!

One tip on Zeuz (and all the Impressions city builders after Caesar III): use roadblocks to keep your housing-service workers in the housing blocks. Also, you get the best bang for buck if you set up blocks that your workers can circulate around rather than going back and forth.

Also, if you want some specific details for Zeuz/Poseidon: The shortest range of a key housing support worker is 27 squares, so the smallest square that all of your workers will go around the circumference is 54 squares. To be safe, make the square 52 squares, and you are guaranteed that all workers will service all houses adjacent to the road square. So a housing block where all the houses touch an interior road square of 12X12, 16X8 and so forth works extremely well. If you have enough flat land, you can get something like 2,500 population in a single housing block, living very well indeed.

Thanks! I never quite got to the tile-counting level with Pharaoh, preferring a more casual approach, but I think I go pretty close intuitively. But keeping a couple simple numbers in my head will probably help, no doubt.

I’m going to assume this thread covers Rise of Industry, even though it seems to skew toward the economic side of things. Quill18 just did a Twitch stream of it, and the game looks pretty good. A lot of the game seems to center around setting up production chains so to produce beer you have to grow hops, get water, grow yeast, make glass, etc etc etc. Eventually it seems things get pretty complicated, and though the game looked very solid, I didn’t see a way to view all these complex relationships on one screen… seemed he had to go visit each factory or production plant individually, which seems like a lot of shuffling around (I’m hoping there either Is a screen that Quill was not aware of, or that they add one prior to launch).

One thing I did get from the the part of the stream I watched was that they plan to release a 1.0 version and then add multiplayer post launch in a patch. Not sure how well that’ll work but at least there won’t be any delay in the initial release due to them trying to squeeze in multiplayer.

After seeing the stream this is definitely on my list!

It has a reasonably big dedicated thread:

Doh, search failed me!!!

There’s a new game out on Steam called Settlements. Fairly decent reviews so far. Anyone try it?

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There’s a new game out on Steam called Settlements. Fairly decent reviews so far. Anyone try it?
[/quote], but

It’s been on my wishlist but $19 is too risky a gamble.

[edit] Watching a Let’s Play I’m picking up a strong Thea:The Awakening vibe but deeper. This may turn out to be a birthday present to myself.

I took a shot and picked it up. It has some rough edges - not the greatest graphics and the interface takes up a LOT of screen space (reminds me of the newer Wizardry games). Also the tutorial is lacking and it’s sometimes confusing what you can and can’t research.

That said, Tony, the developer, seems to be a constant presence on Steam and has already made two improvements to the tooltips. There are some good ideas here regarding progressing from the stone to the space age.

I’d say that it’s worth getting on sale at some point.

Factory Town

Reminds me of a Toy Town for a train set; Factorioish, Colony like game.

One person Dev Team.

Katherine of Sky has an early beta copy.

Have you spent any time with this? How’s the gameplay?

That looks interesting. I hadn’t heard of it before. Looks like it has a long way to go, but worth following.

The marble like chutes are charming!

That is cute!

Ignomia is now in open alpha.


This is not the guy who made gnomoria so how is this even okay. Don’t these assets belong to the other developer?

He has permission to use the assets as long as the game is free.

Well that’s good to hear. I guess if it ever takes off the assets will be replaced. Interesting. I’ve heard a lot of Dwarf Fortress but accessible promises over the years. Most never come even close but I’ll be excited if someone even gets oh… 50% there.