City Builder / Colony Manager General Discussion Thread

Green Planet really fleshes out the end game, though I haven’t actually experienced that yet. Which reminds me, I was planning to play it on my holiday. Thanks for the reminder.

I’d grab all of them.

Yeah, I haven’t played the Green Planet expansion (considered it in the sale, but $10 is too rich for an expansion for me right now). So I’d say it’s fun without it, though I trust those who say it adds a lot.

So apparently at least one thing from Tilted Mill’s Medieval Mayor will get to see the light of day. I had not noticed that Keith Zizza uploaded some unreleased tracks he was working on for the project to his Youtube channel. Keith’s music was always a part of what distinguished Impressions’ games from others for me, mentioning Caesar 3 or Pharaoh always brings certain musical motifs to the forefront of my mind.

You can go to Keith’s channel if you want to hear the whole set, but here is what Keith said would have been the music for the Medieval Mayor’s welcome and game setup screen.

Is it any fun?

Oh neat! Thanks for sharing this. Shame the game was never finished.

I really, really wanted that game. Hell I might even Kickstart a game like that, and I am pretty much done with kickstarting any sort of video game.

I woulda totally kickstarted it.

Did anyone ever spring for Empires of the Undergrowth? Inquiring minds want to know if it’s any good.

It’s on my wishlist. Was waiting to get it when it reached 1.0

Release date of 17th February, 2021 announced for Nebuchadnezzar. I shall be interested to see how good it turns out to be.

Imagine that at 4k.

Must be announce all the release dates season for upcoming “indie” city-builders. As Sumerians has announced it will be releasing into Early Access on Steam on 2nd December, 2020.

Dang it. I wanted one of these to do a real finished release soonish, not this EA stuff.

For real. Me too!

This is the one I’m most excited about, and I will pre-order via EA (even though I won’t play it in EA) just to help their development along. But they don’t even have that option yet. I just can’t get over how amazing this thing looks.

I feel like, though, more than most other genres, city builders are where announced games go to die.

Hi there, Folk Tale. Hello, Clockwork Empires. Look over there, it’s Forest Village.

That’s already on my wish list. I suppose I only have a half dozen or so but it feels like I have a 100 of these waiting to be released, for reals released. I’m trying very, very hard not to get ultra excited about any of them.

Disregarding the upcoming Pharaoh remake, I am most interested in Nebuchadnezzar partially because it is meant to be a more traditional release without an early access phase on Steam or GOG (as far as I know). The developers, Nepos Games, have been holding invitational Closed Beta phases the last few months in the lead up to release instead.

I went looking for youtube videos, gameplay previews etc.

Very sparse.

No surprise for what at least at the start was a two-person studio in the case of Nepos Games (Nebuchadnezzar), there’s been some dev-blogs but promotion could be better. We all know that a lot of ‘indie’ studios can be a bit hit or miss when it comes to the marketing side of things. And so far all testing has been behind closed doors, so people haven’t been able to share much publicly yet.

I know a few city-builder focused channels that are keen to investigate any and all city-builder-esque games though, so there should be gameplay videos closer to the release date.