City Builder / Colony Manager General Discussion Thread

Space, the Fart Hest Frontier

I had no idea Crate is working on a city builder, that’s awesome. They’ve done a really fantastic job with Grim Dawn.

Look a little bland but hey it’s mostly about gameplay anyway. I’ll add it to the list, errr, well I guess when I can.

Here’s a Twitter thread tailor made for visitors to this topic.

Whoa, this looks fascinating. Thanks for sharing!

We’re already tracking this somewhere right?

I know it’s not a popular take, but I had so much fun with the last Sim City from several years ago - I loved the way it looked/played and its presentation. Such a fun weekend or two playing around with it - though I never got near to the “end game” or anything, I still think it’s my favorite.

It’s mine too.

Crate’s city builder. Sometime later this year.

Sounds like they are done with Grim Dawn and focusing on this.

I wish to give them all the monies.

omg gimme


It’s been a good journey and I still have a lot left to get out of that game. Can’t wait to see how their other projects do, I’m a big fan of Crate.

They have so vastly exceeded my expectations, based on Titan Quest followed by the GD beta and even the 1.0.

I have a ton of respect for the humility displayed by walking back clearly dearly held designs (combining Components, f’rex) based on user experiences.

Huge fan of Crate. Way on board for Farthest Frontier.

I want to go to there

We have to wait for this? No. Give now.

I just started Tropico 6 this week. I am not sure I like it. Not being able to zoom while placing buildings is maddening.

I think you can actually adjust zoom while placing buildings if you press one of ctrl or shift, not sure which.

Dang, you are correct. It is Control mouse wheel.

Dang you. Now my list is bigger.

I was ready to post a spoiler and Isaac Asimov’s ghost would be mad at me.