City Builder / Colony Manager General Discussion Thread

Yeah it would benefit from having a campaign. There’s some depth and honestly the game can get challenging the further you play a map, but a campaign would have made this complete.

Never understood game developers who decide they don’t need a campaign. Way too many of us need that kind of structure to fully enjoy a game.

Just in case anyone else is playing, I finished the Berlin map:

Whittled away a few hours recently replaying SimCity 3000 on a whim. Started out playing the ‘A Better Betterfeld’ scenario, then continued on with the city after scenario concluded. When caught between the river and mountain ranges there is only one thing for it, time to reach for the sky. Eyeing off the land across the river once I have finished filling in the valleys on this side.

Could just flatten the whole place with my buckets of money, but where is the fun in that. It is fun to work within the constraints of the terrain, and it looks better in my opinion. Anyhow, can confirm, the old SimCity games still know how to make the hours fly past.

Cool! I wish they’d make a Simcity 6. We need it.

And on that note, I might have to bite the bullet and see how good TheoTown is for the QT3 community. Comes across as a SimCity 2000/3000-ish kind of City-building game in both the gameplay, from what I have read and seen so far, and the art style. With some SimCity 4 also possibly thrown in with how the regions works in TheoTown. Also, appears to be pretty moddable after looking at the game’s website and forums.

The Steam reviews so far have been very positive, so lets see how accurate they are…

Yes! Please let us know how it is!

I bought TheoTown and have only played a bit of the tutorial so far, but it IMMEDIATELY scratches any SC2000 itch one may have.

Get to late game and report back on traffic/pathfinding issues!

Proceeds to sink 3+ hours into TheoTown in a single sitting. Oh yeah, this scratches a SimCity 2000 itch alright. Still learning the intricacies of the gameplay mechanics and simulation, but so far it has a lot of things to like about it. Maybe I should begin a new city and do a let’s play, then the whole forum thread can join in the journey of discovery with me as our small hamlet eventually grows into a city.

You guys are getting me excited.

I just sunk 2 hours into the Android version - it’s quite good for free. A full screen, keyboard and mouse version sounds awesome. I don’t even know what extra is unlocked in the full version but it scratches a great itch for now.

One possible concern - is there a fail state? It doesn’t feel like it (and I’d like to have one).

Can’t speak for the Android version, since you might be able to microtransaction your way out of any failstates. However, on the PC version it appears, just like SimCity, the failstate is essentially digging yourself into a financial blackhole. Though, it does feature some consequences for your planning/decisions; like areas with poor fire-station coverage being at risk of randomly having a fire break out, which can then spread to other buildings until you have an inferno on your hands.

Excellent - thanks!

What’s a good city builder for PS4?
I tried Tropico 5 on my 7 day free trial of PS Now and liked it in the start, but soon got frustrated with it.
Now looking at Aven Colony or Surviving Mars, if anyone has some tips on which one to choose or something that would be better, please let me know =)=)

I’d go Aven Colony over Surviving Mars. (Not sure how either runs on console, but they were both working fine on PC).


Dunno if Tropico 6 is available on PS4, but it is a million times better than 5 (which is godawful).

Aven Colony is pretty chill. I only had a few frustrating moments playing through it, mostly from running out of resources. 100% achievement’d that one.

nice thanks @Gigglemoo and @lordkosc, might check that out then! =)

no @Adam_B, only 5… =(

Put me down for an Aven Colony recommendation, too! I think it beats Surviving Mars on a number of levels.