City Builder / Colony Manager General Discussion Thread

Cliff Empire is out of Early Access. Anyone check it out?

Nope, but it has very positive reviews from the general populace.

I played it a bit in early access, enjoyed it, looking forward to going back.

Gonna play TheoTown for Thursday’s stream. Super excited about it, actually.

Thanks, Brian. Also curious to hear more about TheoTown!

Aven Colony is much better with the difficulty pumped up, I find.

It’s an okay game, but I mourn for the missed opportunities involving winter (food and energy) and alien foodstuffs, such seem like they originally had a lot more planned for them that eventually fell out of scope. The game ends up feeling quite simple.

I think the campaign on Aven Colony is just a tutorial / warm up for the challenge missions.

There was one challenge mission where you had to get a LOT of people in a ridiculously short time. Other ones where you can only grow alien foodstuffs, another where you have to use trade ports to get needed supplies. These all stretched my abilities.

Halp, im trying to find a game that i saw the kickstarter a couple of years ago but my google-fu isnt working, and i wanted to see what happened with it.

I remember it was a space colony/city game, set in a moon somewhere (jupiters/saturns moon maybe? and i remember in the trailer there was some ships fighting above the city.

Any ideas?

Are you sure it was on kickstarter? Maybe Industries of Titan.

Yes that’s it! Not sure, i thought it was kickstarter but i was lost anyway hah.

Still far from release i see.


Awesome thank you. Wishlisted.

Early access release is supposed to be in 2019 (but it’s an Epic exclusive; Steam only when leaving Early access).

Look at what is getting a remake (apparently by a studio of former Bullfrog people):

Whelp I am going to wishlist that at least.

Please don’t suck. Please don’t suck. Please don’t suck.

A properly done Startopia remake would be SO DAMN GOOD.

That’s awesome!

But - is this going to be an actual remake, or a re-imagining? Some of the latter haven’t turned out so well.

I just hope staff actually gets paid wages this time. The lack of that necessary economic pressure kind of makes the original game less compelling once you’re on the downslope of the Chick parabola.

Looking at the info on Steam says an all-new take on the classic, so not sure how closely it will keep to the original.

There’s a new The Settlers game in the works. I found this on Epic’s game store.

Quote from the page:
Experience the reimagined and legendary build-up strategy game with new features developed by the original creator Volker Wertich.

This is probably worth of it’s own thread, which I’ll leave to someone else to decide, but this is the first I’ve heard of this, and it doesn’t seem to have any coverage here yet.

I completely blame the search function:

The Settlers (2020)

FYI - The spatials are on sale, both the original and Galactology.

If you look at the bundle you can actually buy both for cheaper than Galactology on sale: