City Builder / Colony Manager General Discussion Thread

Based on the free demo available on the store page, this could be one for some people’s wishlists. As long as you haven’t got an aversion for voxel-based graphics then the gameplay was surprisingly deep for an early demo. Nice mix of branching housing evolution chains, buildings that have adjacency bonuses for evolution and\or improved benefits, managing several different resources, and like a good Civilization game the decisions start out “simple” and over time new gameplay wrinkles (complexity) are folded in as you progress.

Overall a decent city-building experience watching my initial town grow, evolve and pose some interesting planning challenges. So, I will be interested to see how the game evolves with further development; it’s currently in a closed beta phase.

Urbek does have a pleasing aesthetic so I will watch this with interest.

Yes quite a fun little demo (Urbek) so far; all very gradual and so far not too taxing for dummies like me.

I like that you can see the upgrade path in the popups and click on the upgrades to see the requirements.

From the demo so far, this game is really cool. Very promising in my estimation.

Rimworld is my game of the decade… So I can’t figure out if I’m excited by a clone or put off by it…

I think the graphics looks really slick for a voxel world.

I recall playing this on in glorious pixly graphics, and it has been mentioned up thread at least once, now its getting a proper Steam release with more stunning visuals.

Oh that looks really nice! Wishlisted.

Yeah, the pixel version was good, and I felt had a lot of room to build more new cool stuff on top of it. Looking forward to seeing the update.

I’ve been trying to get into Frostpunk and wasn’t really enjoying my time with it. After reading this thread looking for ways to auto-assign workers away from hunting huts at night, I realized why - I don’t want to constantly assign workers here and there and in general, I would rather make larger decisions, and see how things get on from there. I mean, even if was wanting to personally and constantly assign workers, I would want better UI to do it which doesn’t require me to click over individual buildings.

Anyway, what are some city / colony, builder / management out there that are less demanding in the clicking and micro areas?

The Anno series tends to be about larger decisions, though it often gives you the option of micromanaging some things if you want to optimize for efficiency or costs.

Hey, I actually have Anno 1800 in my uplay library. I got a code when I bought an intel processor and forgot about it :)

Looks great! Also reminds me of a game version of a great movie I saw a couple years ago, The Biggest Little Farm. Same concept of reclaiming the land piece by piece.

And a warning for families with young kids - there are some animals who don’t make it. We didn’t know that going in, and it was pretty tough on my 8 year old son who loves animals and especially dogs.

Some interesting titles being shown in Steam’s Next Fest event this week:

This one has EA coming next week.

Plus several others. Some of these I hadn’t heard of before. Others have demos out.

Reshaping Mars

Aka, “What’s in the thesaurus for ‘terraforming’?”


I had a strong desire to do a colony management/terraforming game 5+ years ago. Shame I missed being on the forefront of that genre taking off.

Thread, meet podcast:

I finally started playing with Soviet Republic Workers and Resources - it seems damn fiddly and damn good.

One person dev team, saw it posted on reddit.