City Builder / Colony Manager General Discussion Thread


I was looking this over and almost hit the purchase button. But after reading you spent 7 hours on it I will go ahead and purchase!

It really reminds me of banished.

Yeah, it’s Banished, but so far it’s not-broken Banished. It actually pushes you, which is great.

Well I’m sold. I love a city builder that pushes you.

Wait, which game are we talking about? Because that sounds like exactly my jam. Banished was awesome right up until it abruptly ran out of game.

This looks interesting! People involved previously worked on Transport Tycoon and Factorio.

To think I never really understood my dad’s model train hobby, and now I eagerly await any city builder game that includes a train system…

Ha! Yeah, and I can’t tell yet whether it focuses more on “city builder” or “economic train sim” – this might not be the best thread for it! But it’s the one I could find. And from what I can tell, it sits comfortably in both worlds. It’s certainly one I’ve got my eye on, either way.

See Brian’s link. :)

But yeah, my biggest problem with Banished – and it is a game where I really loved the aesthetic and nominal “survival in a harsh land” idea it promised – is that it wasn’t a hard game at all. The game puts in all these systems that seem like they might be interesting – stone building production chains, advanced food production chains, trade, etc. But your village settlers never demand anything from you, so you’re never pushed to interact with those systems, and once you figure out how to control your population by cabin building, you can just leave the game playing while you go visit family out of town for a few days on a weekend and come back and the game and your village is still chugging along, same as it was before you left.

Awesome, thanks! It gets hard to keep track of overlapping discussions sometimes.

Yup. I adored the underlying idea, enjoyed the first few hours scraping out an existence in the wilds, and then it just kinda stopped being a challenge or, in fact, giving you anything else to do except more of the same.

Sweet Transit looks very much like Transport Tycoon running in the Factorio engine. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on it.

I didn’t really care for the poly-cartoon art in the screenshots as I LOVED the art in Banished. Does it gel nice during play?

I am the opposite - I didn’t like the look in Banished as it seemed drab (though more realistic). I do like the art in this game so far; seems very crisp and clean looking. But then again I like animation a lot and this does look cartoony.

I didn’t even really notice it honestly. Maybe I am just so zoomed out it is hard to tell.

And instantly wishlisted. Based on the short trailer on the Steam page I’m actually getting “Anno but with lots of trains” vibes.

Dammit, wishlisted.

Yea me too. That looks wonderful.

Train games are your thing as I recall!

I had the misfortune of not discovering Transport Tycoon until I stumbled across the port on MOBILE. Which actually isn’t bad, but isn’t the same at all.

I loved Factorio.

Jumping in early on a convergence of those two sounds wonderful to me!