City Builder / Colony Manager General Discussion Thread

Anyone buying any City Builders / Colony Manager games during the summer sale?

I am thinking of picking up :

Didn’t buy Flotsam but in one of the demo fests it charmed me enough to get added to my wish list.

Do A-Train: All Aboard Tourism! and A-Train 9 count? Rail sims, but in a single city that you also develop! 😁

I’ll be expecting my check from Artdink in the mail, hah.

I feel like they do count since you can play a rather direct role in shaping the development of the city. Heck, in terms of sheer profitability developing subsidiaries around each station\stop is often the best long-term strategy.

Acquiring the necessary capital to either wholesale redevelop existing urban corridors or develop new greenfield locations is half the challenge though.

Surviving the Abyss is on my watchlist but I’m going to wait until it gets out of EA to (probably) buy it.

Surviving the Abyss

I picked this up in January and bounced off it pretty quickly. I doubt they’ve since managed to differentiate it from other games in the genre in just six months.

I’ve been a little tempted by Pile Up!, but didn’t bite yet. Anyone given this EA game a try?

My searching was just turning up Oxygen Not Included, so anyone given this a try?

I’ve put about 50 hours into 3 attempts at one of the scenarios. Loads of fun. I haven’t really played this style of game before but the cool setting and the deepish simulation pulled me right in. Recommended :)

December 1st for the video averse.

I’ve bounced off two SteamWorld titles. Thankfully this trailer is convincing me to pass entirely on the third.

Any thoughts on the city builder Humble Bundle?

$10: Evil Genius2 , Frozenheim
$13: + The Tenants, Airborne Kingdom, Pan’orama
$22: + Prehistoric Kingdom, The Universim

I … recognise Evil Genius 2 as the sequel to Evil Genius? Maybe heard of Airborne Kingdom and Frozenheim? Not sure if the lack of buzz in my head about these titles is good or bad?

Huh. It’s pretty much my dream game pitch.

Airborne Kingdom just went on Game Pass.

For me, games are all about the setting/atmosphere and mechanics. Ideally both.

I was ok with (not in love with) the setting of earlier SteamWorld titles, but felt they relied too heavily on that and not enough on mechanics. At least from what I’ve seen of this city builder, it won’t do anything better than other titles in the genre, again relying on its atmosphere to as its primary selling point. That’s great if that balance works for someone - it won’t for me (if my impression is right).

There aren’t any other games doing both Anno and Dungeon Keeper (two of my favourite games of all time). It almost certainly won’t do anything in each genre better than either of them, but as long as they don’t fuck up the integration, that alone is enough.

Ah, that explains a lot of the difference in opinion - I never played much of Dungeon Keeper, and don’t have much interest in the concept. I love city builders, the more complicated the better.

The mechanics of Steamworld Heist were really great to me. Really unique tactical combat setup.

I’ll probably pick up Build but the town layer in the demo was really an odd feeling because it was just so very Anno.

I thought the demo of Steamworld Build was pretty fun. I don’t see it becoming an obsession in my case, but as a relaxing city builder it definitely did the trick.

Steamworld Build is also coming to Game Pass on day 1. Did we know that already? I didn’t know that.