City Builder / Colony Manager General Discussion Thread

Thanks! I write the guides as a way for me to get back into a game I love quickly and it’s nice to hear it’s serving that purpose well.

I managed to get The Settlers history edition cheap recently that includes all 7 games but I heard from a hardcore fan of the series that only 2, 3, and 4 are worth playing because after that they introduced little computer people that would constantly go, “Yeep!” and “Yup!” and “Weeee!” that the fan referred to as (insert scotish accent here for best effect): “little fat bastards”. I can see how that would become annoying, ya know? I don’t know where to start in the series or even if I can grasp the depth and learning curve of these games.

I enjoyed Settlers 7. :slight_smile:

I found Settlers 2 (which I think is sort of the classic in most people’s minds) hard to get into when I came to it five or so years ago. I would also recommend Settlers 7. It’s really excellent, but it’s also atypical for the series. It’s inspired by euro boardgame mechanics, and it’s more confrontational than a lot of city builders. That’s not usually my thing, but S7 does it really well. And the building and road mechanics are overall really good and flexible.

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Boys, I’ll take those 2 recommendations for The Settlers 7 as a suggested starting point in the series for me. So gracias. I did try a few minutes of Settlers 2 Gold a few years ago but it was brain melting! When I asked another Settlers hardcore nutball if the Settlers 2 10th Anniversary remake was more accessible to new fans, they were like, “Don’t play that! They didn’t make building roads exactly like they did in Settlers 2 Gold so it ain’t no good!” :upside_down_face:

Stumbled across Mini Settlers (not related to the Settlers franchise, as far as I know) on Twitter recently. A minimalistic city builder, at least in appearance, it seems to be set in a modern age and focuses on logistics and supply chains.

This has been mentioned a few times in this thread and E3 threads. They had a trailer in the triple i showcase and launched in Early Access on steam.

As distinct from another city builder, Airborne Kingdom…confusing.

It’s the sequel! Looking forward to it.

I kinda bounced off airborn kingdom. The early game was very interesting, and I enjoyed the scouting and finding things. But later a smattering of things started to occur where I couldn’t find appropriate help / info on and it just wore me down. These were primarily how to keep the ship balanced and when happiness started to degrade because I didn’t have churches. This “urgency” felt too gamey when I had only added like 12-16 people. I added the church, but happiness just seemed too opaque and I didn’t feel I had enough information to adequately address it.

The entire “tilt” of your city - I either completely missed the info and/or couldn’t find a decent guide online to how to measure it and fix it. It felt too much like monkeys throwing darts at a dartboard. I’m sure there was something there that I probably missed, but it was really frustrating that I couldn’t find that info easily.

Oh right I had no idea. Guess I should try the original then.

I ran across Citadelum recently and it looks like an interesting take on the city builder. It’s a classical city builder, but it adds a civ-like layer when you zoom out - there are multiple regions you can control (I think - never saw it in action). There’s a demo available.

. PC Games has a huge list
of forthcoming builders with demos, including the last two mentioned here (Airborne Empires and Citadelum) as well as Kaiserpunk, which I saw in the Indie games thread. This is far too many demos for me to want to try them all, but I am in the mood to try one or two— can the city-builder experts help me with some suggestions?

I like production chains and planning, but I’d prefer a builder that has some new mechanics. The strategy/RTS aspects of Kaiserpunk sounded interesting, but the Youtubes I watched made it look like most of the game is a pretty standard road-based city builder or is the non-builder side of the game.a significant focus?

Presumably you’ve played Workers and Resources Soviet Republic on realistic mode?

I put almost 80 hours into one game of it on Realistic last year and just got to the point where I thought I my Republic was getting stable. I’ve put it down to wait for 1.0, but I’m looking forward to diving back in once it releases.

It’s a great game and well worth the effort of learning.

Actually, I haven’t, somehow I got the impression that it was only production chains and at least at the time I Considered it that didn’t appeal. However, I think it might appeal to me now and it’s definitely worth another look. Thank you for the suggestion!

Is 1.0 coming soon? (ohhhh June 20!)

Also, is there a way we can change all the references from Russia to Ukraine? Otherwise I hope they give us the option to bomb our development into oblivion when we’re done with it.

It’s possible I misunderstood what you meant by “planning”, but you definitely have to build everything (including residential/commercial buildings) and that certainly involves a lot of planning.

In fact, it even allows you to plan things out in advance by placing something but checking a box to prevent it actually being built, so it simply remains a ghosted version of itself until such time as you give it the greenlight and building begins. I tend to plan out portions of my map this way even if they don’t actually get built until many hours in the future (in real world play time).