City of Heroes: Homecoming

Totally Rad? That’s a blast from the past. I wanna say my orginal Nor Easter (yes, storm electric defender) may have grouped with her back in the day. It may have been my ice ice blaster Icearella? I dunno, nam ed is awfully familiar.

I forgot all about binding. Pretty much a requirement for pets. I got some research todo.

Probably. Icearella rings a bell.

I reimagined another old favorite yesterday. Recessive Jean was a plant dominator, but lives again as a Plant/Nature controller.

There’s a few good threads over at the Homecoming forums with MM pet commands. Here’s a couple, and I’m sure there’s more.

I HAD to stop playing i leveled 3 characters to 50+ and made like 10 more concept characters that i would gladly burn my time also leveling up. I had to stop, this is my crack.

You jogged my memory here by mentioning your character’s name… I vaguely recall someone in the Wanderers had created a character by the name of uh… Leukemia? Something like that. And the CoH mods made them change the name to something a bit more neutral. And it feels like Totally Rad was that name. Was that you or am I crazy (or both)?

Nope. That’s exactly it. She was my first character to get a travel power and I went joyously soaring over Atlas Park. Somebody reported me. The mod was very cool about it and let me take some time to choose a new name. In the end it worked out well, because the name change improved and solidified one of the best character concepts I’ve ever made.

Thanks for posting this and commenting on it. I d/l it and I am enjoying it. I have taken the 50% exp boost for the first few levels.

Just be aware the xp boost decreases influence gained from what I’ve read.

You can gain a lot of influence once you level up or even transfer some from one toon to another.

Just making sure they know. For someone new, it could be a bit problematic at first.

You get some drops very early on that can sell for tons of cash, and you can transfer/mail cash between characters. Max exp bonus at all times is must :P One orange drop that sells well will fund a character will full gear to at least the 30’s, and you usually get one of those drops every 5 levels or so, so it’s easy to fund new characters this way as well.

Define “very early on”.

A few things to consider as far as new character money goes. (There’s much more involved at higher levels as you start to deal with IOs, feel free to ask once that’s a concern.)

Around 500k will get you through the first 20-ish levels, buying new enhancements as you level up. That’s the standard stuff that you buy from vendors, not the specialty invention enhancements from the auction house. The game is perfectly playable this way, although obviously you can spend more if you want to make your lowbie slightly more powerful.

You can get 500k pretty easy by selling some of the salvage or recipes that you get on the auction house. Almost any rare (orange) salvage sells for about 400k, and you’ll occasionally find a recipe that sells well. Also don’t be afraid to just vendor your common (white) and uncommon (yellow) salvage and recipes. They’re not worth a lot, but they’ll help tide you over until you can sell that first rare, and there’s really no point in keeping them since if you need one you can just buy it off the auction house.

Once you have a character to 50, 500k is chump change. Even basic IO recipes at 50 are a fortune for lowbie characters. Then you can email the cash to yourself by just putting your global name in the To field.

Take advantage of friends! Send me a tell anytime (/t @ineffablebob, hi!) and I can email you starter cash.

I usually get my first orange salvage by 7 or before. You can also use your reward merits to buy enhancement converters which sell for a ton at auction. You get about 7 or so reward merits very early on by following the main story quest line. You get 3 enhancement converters per 1 reward merit, enhancement converters sell for about 100,000 inf each, so you can easily have over a million before you leave the starter zone.

Inside city hall to the left of the front door, is a vending machine that exchanges various items for reward merits, enhancement converters are the go-to.

There’s also a way to make infinite cash if you want to ladder up recipes via your converters. Here’s a decent video about it. Endless early cash

Thanks for this. I’d gotten a drop that was enhancement converter related, and I knew about the merit vendor, but didn’t realize the significance there in terms of value. I don’t remember the converters being a thing.

It’s a game with so much minutiae, it can be really hard to sort out what to pay attention to, especially in terms of the crafting/drops/items/value. The merit rewards, being traded for a specific thing, and then sold at auction is not something you are really going to stumble upon very quickly lol, and there is a lot of stuff like that in game.

I used to know that stuff. Made millions on the auction house. Now I can barely figure it out. Luckily I excel at making new characters. :)

Same here. Why there last night and it was like reading a restaurant menu in a language I don’t know.

I totally understand. I even go to the forum for help. Just reading the posts has me baffled. Same for coming back to Star Trek online. I have aged out of games that I love. :)

I remember when Red Storm Rising had a contest. The best final score would win a prize. I ran that last mission a hundred times. I ended up at 331 out of several thousand. I was grognarding it. But others did it better.

To transfer Merits into Inf there are 2 options that have a decently quick turnaround: Stacks of Convertors @ ~75k each. Stacks of Boosters @ ~1.25 mil each. If you are willing to wait longer you can push up the price a little.

Once you have a character who is 45+ there are between 1 - 3 Hamidon raids a day (double raids) which will net you 120 merits for about 20-30 minutes. This depends on the server you are on.

Once you have a character who is 50 with it’s alpha slotted you can run Apex/Tin Mage (2 Incarnate TF’s) for 80 merits + 2 incarnate salvage. These take between 20-40 minutes total depending on the composition.

For my time I prefer to do something active instead of hitting the convertor button over and over (but ymmv). There are any number of other good ways to get merits (Weekly Strike Targets or certain easy/fast TF’s) and before long you will have more than enough money to fund your altitus.