City of Heroes Issue 5 - RELEASED!

I actually petitioned one guy whose name was -Green Arrow, and looked JUST like Green Arrow. I am pretty loose about such things in general, but that was too much.

BTW, I tried sonics and the acc is VERY low. You will miss at least half the time without any enhancements, and still miss a good bit with them. OTOH, it does good damage and lowers defenses. I was playing as a defender, btw.

Cryptic/NC Soft is offering 5 days free for returning players starting today going through the 6th. Might have to jump back on and see what’s up.


I really have to learn some patience. I seem to re-signup RIGHT before they offer the free ‘check it out now old players!’ deals. And I never like it, so it’s 15$ for 5 days of play for me anyways… :/

They’re also offering 14 days for new players. If anyone is interested, PM me your e-mail address and I’ll forward you the promotion e-mail.

I wish the damn banshees missed half the time. Stone Tank << flying sonic blaster boss.

The Cabal in general take the apparent “female villains are more maneuverable than you” trend to ridiculous new heights.


Yeah, free is something I can swing. I’ll come back and check things out. Kinda miss flying around a city. Download is going to take 35+ minutes I’ve been gone so long.

To be fair, if you’re a stone tank, a fire hydrant is more manueverable than you.

I have a sonic/sonic defender named “Your Wife” on Infinity. Battle cry: “DO THE DISHES!!”

Also have an archery blaster named Teucer, after the master archer of Greece from Homer’s Iliad. Archery blasters kick whole loads of ass.

Mbleh! My subscription ran out the same day, so I guess they won’t give
me that offer. A week till I actually have money to spend on games again :P

I took out my old flying martial artist on Virtue for a spin but got bored real fast. Then I made a new archer. Scarlet Will’s the name. Not sure what server I stuck him on though. It was fun but I doubt there’s much to hold me. Seemed like more of the same and they still haven’t added more chest symbols yet. How hard could that be? And, of course, all the folks on my friends list are no longer around anyhow.

It’s not enough to get me to subscribe, but I thought I’d use the free play time to check out the novelty value of the sonic powers.

Here a level 1 Hellion feels the power of ROCK:

All they need now are guitars!

… that shoot musical notes of death at badguys.

What the fuck where they thinking when they made the graphics for the sonic control set? Rapidly flashing circles that keep moving around the screen in an epileptic’s nightmare.

Yeah, I’m not too keen on those effects. I’m not sure how to represent a shield of sound around someone, but they couldn’t have done much worse.

In other news, some friends and I have played through several missions with various AT’s on Heroic with very little trouble. We’re used to playing most of the time pre-I5 on Unyielding or Rugged and the xp bump seems to make up for the difficulty drop. We’ll probably take it up a notch and see how we do. My level 26 ice tanker has held up pretty well so far and the lower defense hasn’t really been an issue. He can get himself into trouble a lot easier than before, but it doesn’t seem at all unreasonable.

What are people’s global chat handles? Mine is “@Xemu”.

I haven’t tried the new ATs yet but the XP boost is a welcome addition, and just in general I’d kind of forgotten how fun this game is. I’ve been playing a mix of characters from the low single digits to the low 20s and having a blast with them all.

Global is @Contraterrene, I think. I don’t play too much, just now and then.

Shin Noir @ Freedom (24 blaster)
Astronomer @ Justice (umm, around the same level, blaster)
Triode @ Justice (37 blaster)

As you can see I have no patience for slow combat or with things running away from me…

[edit, put wrong global]

But you do seem to have a remarkable tolerance for pain and debt. :)

My global is @Red Saint , btw

Just to put it out there, does anyone still have the War Wall Defense mission available or coming up on the Virtue server?

I pretty much quit in disgust a few months ago after nearly finishing it and crashing, which meant I had to restart it. This time, for some reason, mobile teams of Rikti spawned right away and RAN to all three generators. I’m not talking about the static Rikti that look like they are beating on the generators, I mean additional pairs of Rikti that were actively attacking them.

This didn’t happen the first time I played it through, and I’d saved all three generators fairly easily. I was just collecting the last couple of hostages when I crashed. If I’d realized what was happening in time, I would have quit the mission and restarted to reset it. As it was, I failed it without even seeing the final generator, and just as I arrived at the second one.

Anyway, Hackjob, my 32 Stone/Invulnerability Tanker needs to do the mission for the badge, but I’ll be out of town this weekend. If you can help out next week or in the future, feel free to drop me a PM.

EDIT: Global handle = Hackjob