City of Heroes to Shut Down


Less ranged attack, more survive. 7 and 7 I believe.


Just respeced my Fire Ice Magic guy at 11. I didn’t know about Mystic Flight in the Sorcery line. Good looking flight with a secondary teleport as well. Way cool!

Edit: Mystic flight is so awesome. Flying and teleporting in mid air. No drop like in regular teleport. So good I’m considering it for every toon regardless of their origin, from now on.


I’ve always had Teleport and Hover separately. Losing the def of hover would be a minor bummer but how does the actual teleport compare? range and end usage for example?

My ‘all’ power pool dude is actually much better than expected so far. Was expecting truly horrible performance.


Thing is, you could still have hover, I suppose. I want it on a couple of my flyers. But sometimes other powers beckon. :)

And I can also see having regular teleport. It may be longer distance, but I can’t say for sure because I am not using it.


What are peoples favorite solo builds? My play time is really sporadic right now, so looking for something I can still make some progression with at odd hours.

So far best builds have been:
Ill/Time controller
Spines/Fire Brute
Thugs/Dark Mastermind (probably the best of the lot)


Masterminds are really good soloists, I agree. My Beast/Kin rolls through solo stuff. But they’re a bit complicated to play, not the easiest for new players and some folks don’t like the pet corralling playstyle.

If you have simpler playstyle tastes, it’s hard to go wrong with a scrapper or brute. Claws/Regen is a favorite - just try to have some creativity and don’t make it a Wolverine clone. :)

For those willing to put up with some slow early levels, I agree with your Illusion controller choice. Mine was Illusion/Rad back in the day. Makes a great soloist once you get up past 18 and have Phantom Army.

I also remember having an Ice/Fire dominator who was great on her own. Plenty of damage with fire and the Ice Slick alone handles most things that you’ll encounter in solo play. Downside with her was high End usage, but Domination and later Consume helps with that.


How is that working out? I heard they nerfed illusion hard. IIRC the phantom army used to be permanent. How how much up time do you get?

I heard a great soloing class combos are : robots/time master mind, and a electric / shield brute.


You can still gear for close to perm PA, I’m playing with time vs dark to see the various effectiveness of the two specs. Dark is really tough to beat, as the debuffs to especially bosses are impossible to beat, you really can turn bosses into pretty much nothing to deal with if they aren’t immune or highly resistant. Time is more of an AOE catch all spec, it’s insane against large groups. The toggle AOE slow makes normal content really trivial. Combined with the hard CC and charm from illusion, it’s pretty fun.

Ill is still a great spec, it may not be what it was pre nerfs, but it’s still really powerful.

CoH is a fairly clunky game UI wise. You don’t have the greatest tools to manage some specs. MM certainly falls into that category. It’s much better now than it was for a long time though, they made some quality of life improvements near the end that really helped quite a bit. Oddly enough, EQ still has probably the best UI for management if you got into macros heavily.


Looks like the move is happening. Some shards are down and the forum pages for shards are down as well.


Before I went to work this morning, I pulled all my bids and purchases from the consignment shop just in case, left a couple of recipes that were listed for sale (and I took a screenshot of those). All that data should survive the move intact though.


Forum back up. Servers still down.





According to the forum server status page they are back up.

Edit: But alas no. Maybe soon.


How long can it take to move from the Netherlands to Germany? Isn’t it like one train stop away? Did the server get stopped at customs?


So all of the servers are up. Except for Reunion, where all of my characters are.


ARGH I was like YES I GET TO PLAY i’m on Halcyon!


Yeah. That’s Reunion now. Not a very good name, if you ask me.




Well that’s it. Time to make alts on another server.