City of Heroes to Shut Down

It looks like there is still prejudice against stalkers, especially on teams. These people have to learn that the changes to stalkers make them team viable and solo easy mode.

My stalker is the easiest time I’ve had solo on a melee. That may change at some point, but for now, it’s not even close really. They are pretty fantastic as long as you are not trying to kill 20 mobs at once.

I’m pretty sure there is nothing meta about stalkers, but they are fun to play.

My main knock against stalkers is their limited AoE damage potential compared to other melee ATs. More of an issue on teams than solo, and maybe less so for incarnate content which has a greater emphasis on single-target damage.

I’d never turn down one for a team though. I don’t turn away anyone just based on AT or powersets.

Yah it’s a real problem on anything outside of missions, and even there it gets to be a pain. The long recharges are also really frustrating when you miss. It’s another one of those ATs that’s about 85% good.

So I put a couple of salvage items on the AH. Should get 500,000 each for them. One problem. Which one of my three pages of alts was it?

It’s usually almost instantaneous. I wait for it to sell, and then put the money on my global email where it floats for exactly that reason lol.

Found it. And I will do as you suggest from now on.

Is the ineffablebob of Hero Stats our @ineffablebob?

If there’s another @ineffablebob out there, we may need to break out the Thunderdome! But we’re OK for now, because yes, that’s me.

Thanks for the work you put into Hero Stats.

damn did I miss this game.
Already have 6 alts…;)

You have some catching up to do…I’m at 32 alts, and finally have one that is past level 20.

94 alts here, the struggle is real.

Wow, I doubt I will ever top that, even with my severe alt-itis.

CoH is a perfect storm for alt-itis. So many combos, so many outfits, and to me the game gets pretty boring post 20ish when it slows down a lot.

I continue to love CoH largely for the alts. Yes, I play many of my toons up to 50 and into Incarnate content, but there’s something great about making yet another character with yet another costume and beating some Hellions into the ground.

/thumbs up

Just went back to my STJ/bio brute. What a monster.

Edit: Just picked up Maneuvers, Assault next.

A tip from reddit that is wonderful:

In Notepad, write three lines - username, password, blank line.
Save as resume_info.txt in the same directory where the game exe is.

hmmm, didn’t realize they had a speedster sub powerset in COH. Its in the blaster set of all places, but Im playing with it now