City of Heroes to Shut Down

This is a good note, playing the speedster is NOT safe and easy. It actually kind of reminds me of racing car events i did in my 20s. Edge of your seat stuff, thrilling but can be exahuasting. Also feels in this case surprisingly thematic, and IF you get it right, very effective…but safe and easy its NOT! :)

I’ll have to try that set. I played a Ninja MM with devices, and with invis and leadership I ran around killing stuff while perfectly safe! I had to redeploy my pets a lot, but almost no chance of dying at all.

Either a macro, like @David2 said, which goes in your power bar; or a keybind, which doesn’t need a power bar spot. Examples:

/bind CTRL+F5 “say Gather 'round, boys and girls - [Accelerate Metabolism] up”
/bind Y “local Let there be $target!$$tell $target, Transport imminent.$$powexec_name Recall Friend$$powexec_name Shadow Recall”

Do binds like that have a time delay built in?

The first one is just a message, you still have to activate the power yourself…which is what you want since it lets you wait for team members to gather. The second activates immediately, but since Recall takes a few seconds to activate you can cancel it if you need to.

This is Helmuth speaking for Boskone. You comment is both complete and concise. :)

Thx @ineffablebob & @David2

Any good build sites? I am having a not able to find builds that I thought would be all over the place )like a spine/fire).

Have you tried the old archived COH boards? Lots of stuff there.

Old COH boards

Here’s some overkill for you:,5642.msg44993.html#msg44993

Build archive both from back in the day and some newer stuff. Over 3500 ideas.

You are all awesome!

How do i change the color of a power? I did a search and can find the powers that can be changed but not the instructions to do so. I am particularly hoping I can change the color of heals.

Ah, I learned it is at the Tailor.

Also which is everyone’s favorite server? I am on Everlasting which seems to be the unofficial Role Players server and I think I want to move to another. I do not mind the role playing but some people seem to go a little overboard at times.

Everlasting is where I am, too. I mostly ignore the role-playing, but on the occasion that I run across someone who takes it seriously I usually find it more amusing than annoying. And I can always go do something else if it gets out of hand. If you do decide to stay and are looking to team up, feel free to get in touch at @ineffablebob!

Interesting stuff from Beta shard.

Blaster Devices:
Changed Web Grenade to Toxic Web Grenade, now deals scale 1 toxic DoT and can be slotted for damage
Taser recharge reduced from 20 to 10 seconds, duration reduced from scale 10 to scale 5, damage increased from 0.25 to 1.96 (same damage as Energy Punch)
Time Bomb animation is now 2.77 seconds, interrupt time removed, countdown reduced to 5 seconds, defiance values reduced to match (this only applies to this set, not to the Traps support set versions.)
Targeting Drone now also adds a 30% recharge buff.

Time Bomb is a conceptually flawed power. Teams don’t wait for the countdown, they jump right in. And blasters already have their top-tier nukes from the primary sets at that level. Time Bomb is just going to be picking off stragglers or damaging bosses, unless you’re solo or way ahead of the team.

I’d rather see them replace Time Bomb with a utility power, and improve Trip Mine instead.

They should make it a 30% damage buff instead.

It’s nice that they’re trying to improve Devices, but the set’s main problem is the lack of a damage booster like Build Up. Just tackle the problem head-on instead of trying to dance around it.

So much this.

Had a chance last night to team with @zenblack a little on Everlasting, good fun! Always glad to meet some QT3 folks in-game.

We were talking about how to get some of the badges you need for Portal Jockey. I think for Multidimensional, the exploration one where you have to get on the Hydra dimension map, you can do it through Ouro. Pull up the mission list from the Aspect of the Pillar and look in the 40-49 range for “The Hydra Dimension” from Tina. Spend some time on that map and you should get it.

Here’s the bind to show a message above your head when you’re typing, @zenblack.

/bind ENTER “afk Your message here…$$startchat”

Is there a way to unslot IOs?

Yes, but not from just normal drops. You need special Enhancement Unslotter salvage, which you can buy from merit reward vendors (should be on your map in most zones). I think you might randomly get some if you buy super packs on the auction house, too.

Or…when you respec, everything gets unslotted and you can reslot as you wish. Or just drop them into your inventory if you don’t want to slot them any more. With 70 inventory slots, that’s a lot of room to keep extraneous IOs. Of course, that means you have to go through the whole respec process.

Am I the only one that thinks Rib Cracker from SJ looks more like, from the back, Ball Breaker? :)