City of Heroes to Shut Down

Time Bomb is a conceptually flawed power. Teams don’t wait for the countdown, they jump right in. And blasters already have their top-tier nukes from the primary sets at that level. Time Bomb is just going to be picking off stragglers or damaging bosses, unless you’re solo or way ahead of the team.

I’d rather see them replace Time Bomb with a utility power, and improve Trip Mine instead.

They should make it a 30% damage buff instead.

It’s nice that they’re trying to improve Devices, but the set’s main problem is the lack of a damage booster like Build Up. Just tackle the problem head-on instead of trying to dance around it.

So much this.

Had a chance last night to team with @zenblack a little on Everlasting, good fun! Always glad to meet some QT3 folks in-game.

We were talking about how to get some of the badges you need for Portal Jockey. I think for Multidimensional, the exploration one where you have to get on the Hydra dimension map, you can do it through Ouro. Pull up the mission list from the Aspect of the Pillar and look in the 40-49 range for “The Hydra Dimension” from Tina. Spend some time on that map and you should get it.

Here’s the bind to show a message above your head when you’re typing, @zenblack.

/bind ENTER “afk Your message here…$$startchat”

Is there a way to unslot IOs?

Yes, but not from just normal drops. You need special Enhancement Unslotter salvage, which you can buy from merit reward vendors (should be on your map in most zones). I think you might randomly get some if you buy super packs on the auction house, too.

Or…when you respec, everything gets unslotted and you can reslot as you wish. Or just drop them into your inventory if you don’t want to slot them any more. With 70 inventory slots, that’s a lot of room to keep extraneous IOs. Of course, that means you have to go through the whole respec process.

Am I the only one that thinks Rib Cracker from SJ looks more like, from the back, Ball Breaker? :)

I created an Arcah Soldier on the Villain side went to Pocket D and chose to be a Rogue at level 1. Went to the Blue Side and joined a Blue DFB. Did not get any XP. Came out the the DFB and still couldn’t get any XP.

Am I right in thinking that I should have chosen Vigilante instead of Rogue (I guess there must be some difference and before traveling all the way back to Null the Gull and dying a bunch of times - laugh) thought i check here.

Huh, thats pretty weird. The alignment system was originally designed only to work after L20, maybe there is some kind of bug at lower levels?

In other news, Homecoming raised their August funds this morning. Took about 5 minutes to hit their goal.

I tried going back to the Null the Gull and became a Vigilante so that didn’t work either. Ended up deleting the character.

Someone had told me you could switch as early as level 1 but it didn’t work. I suppose my toon could have been bugged?

I did bring another over but that character was level 14 when i made the switch IIRC.

Yeah, I was asking you and before we finished talking about it they made the funding. WOW!

Someone on the Help Channel suggested I check the XP Earning Setting and it was off! That was the problem.

TFW you fumblefinger your bid on a recipe…

I copy/paste my bids specifically to avoid doing something like this.


Have any of you played the Signature Story Arcs? These are amazing crafted mini tf that really up the game with what it can do. Downside you might be a little lost of daunted on some of the maps, but the depth and story really come alive. They have two storylines that replay big changes to the characters in the game (avoiding spoilers) that happened late in release. Getting to see how that plays out and have a hand in playing a part cannot be understated if you are a fan.

I played a few out of order, found the wiki now i plan to play them in order to get the full experience. I’ll play one of my 50s, since it gives me points to work on my incarnate rank.

Played them as they were released, but that was a long time ago and I don’t remember most of the details. They’re on my list to do again, because I do remember them being well-written and adding some twists to the standard mission formula. The devs were creating some really interesting content towards the end.

Also, related to my post above, I just logged in my AH trader to see this:


I vaguely remember playing the SSAs back before shutdown, but that was so long ago. Time I refreshed my memory, thanks for the reminder!

Patch day! Here are the notes. The snipe changes are in, along with changes to blaster’s Devices and many of the dominator secondary sets.

Last week’s patch included the 64-bit client. Seems to be working very well.

Ok, my alts have now jumped to 32 lol. Im playing it pretty much everyday.

I just couldnt think of good premise/theme for using some of the powers. When i started thinking of my favorite DC characters though, I created homages and ended up discovering a bunch of powerset I’d never tried before. I’ve gone crazy with altitus now, and having a blast. I have 3 50s, 5 40s, a BUNCH in their 20s and 30s and 1 level 3 lol (Raven Reborn where I’m playing with the dark power sets).

I was loving playing my homage DC characters so much I tried DC online again to see if my opinion might change about it, and ohh boy except for more ‘story and narration’ its sub par in every OTHER way.

I’ve been on a COH hiatus because of the current Path of Exile league, but I completely resemble those remarks. I have a ton of alts, and even more ideas, just waiting to start beating up Hellions.