City of Heroes

Vision had one. But yeah, I’m trying damn hard to think of who in Marvel’s pantheon had a cape…Dr. Doom, but he was a bad guy…Mysterio, another bad guy…

Thor and Storm have them, iirc.

And add Magneto to the baddies with capes list.

Superheroes, supervillains, and postmodern mythos. I’m there.

The lack of PvP doesn’t bother me. As long as the dev team eventually provides a rumble arena for superheroes and supergroups to tangle toe-to-toe, with all the spectacle, hysteria, and showmanship of a spectator sport and the gambling-and-glitz of Vegas, and toss in virtual media coverage, I’d be fine.

Ok, Bossanova, but what’s that got to do with capes, Cape Technology (CT) or the Marvel heroes (or villains) that wear capes? Let’s try to stay focused!

Namor sometimes had a regal cape about his shoulders.

My guess is the capelessness was a deliberate attempt to be different from DC.

This is a reply to the original post…which seems to have wandered off to a discussion on capes. But also it’s a reply to some comments on PvP. But carry on with the discussion with capes…

No one can defeat my mighty cape distinction!!!

I think Marvel wanted to try to make its characters more serious. Capes are not exactly practical for fighting in and I am sure people had made fun of them in the past. The Marvel characters were supposed to be edgy and dark and capes, in general, don’t fit that. The characters who do wear capes tend to be the more regal (perhaps even arrogant) ones. Strange, Magneto, Storm, et al. were mostly in positions of authority in some way and perhaps the cape gave them some sort of status or was meant to reflect their own self-perceptions. Of course the REAL leaders, like Captain America, didn’t need em. Xavier didn’t even need a fancy costume!

After some leisurely Googling,

Cloak and Dagger had capes. Storm has a cape in some instances, as well as Magneto in most instances. There are definitely far more DC characters with capes than in Marvel.

If this was the real reason behind the decision to avoid capes for most super heroes in Marvel’s line-up, you would think that they would avoid naming their heroes Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel and having female characters always fighting in stilletto heels.

Quazar (sp?) had a cape too.

I would like to see the Hulk wearing a cape.

Quasar. (for some reason I was a big fan of that book).

Cloak had a cloak, not a cape! It’s his NAME, for crying out loud. :) I think the main difference is the hood.

Special bump in honour of the fabulous impressions posted on Gamespy.
I officially don’t give a fuck about capes thanks to the plasticman-flexible character creation system, and I’m wildly happy to learn of the action-focussed combat system.
I am still bummed, however, about the absense of supervillains.

Do you want a stilleto heel through the ribs?

It has been strongly hinted that supervillain PCs will be addressed at some point in the future.

Cryptic has more or less said that they want to add PvP at some point. That will be your super-villain vs. superhero. As with any game, promises aren’t worth much. Still, it’s good that Cryptic recognizes that some of us want that.

I think villains were just too much to implement at launch. these kinds of titles are pretty fluid, so I don’t really worry about what is available at launch, as long as it is interesting. They can develop it as they go along and I think that makes it interesting. I would rather have solid code and gameplay at launch than more features, but I may be a minority in that regard.