City of Villains stress test

Anyone got the stress test yet? Any particular comments before I sit through the download? :)


I’m not sure anyone’s allowed to comment yet. I will say that in the time I’ve had with the game, it’s pretty spiffy. :)

Oh, I thought the stress test was open now? Hmm… almost downloaded it last night but it seems to have stalled and died… grr! Thanks Fileplanet!

…oh, great, it downloaded 2.4gig of trash file… nice one FP… that is almost 1/4 of my monthly limit (grr, New Zealand, don’t ask)

The stress test doesn’t start until the 14th. I haven’t seen any official word on when the beta testers would be allowed to break the NDA.

That would be now.

Have to think of something to say though…

Well, “now” for me is the 13th. But yeah, it was just posted earlier today that the NDA has been lifted.

CoV suxxorz!!!11!

Seriously, it’s pretty cool. It’s still CoH at it’s core but the new classes play pretty differently from the old, the new costumes kick ass, and the bases look awesome. It’s MOTS with a twist, but it’s cool MOTS.

Like the ultimate Mastermind robot pet

Yes, the new ATs share a lot of powers with CoH, but play pretty differently. Every class is a damage class. Though base damage is somewhat lower than the ‘damage’ ATs in CoH, many classes have some way of ramping that up using inherent powers.

For instance, I’ve played a fair bit with my Stalker. They get a Hide power which is basically invisibility at level one. They also do double damage on their attacks when attacking from a ‘hidden’ state, and one of the attacks does 7x normal damage from ‘Hidden’. Instead of a Taunt power, Stalkers get a Placate power, which prevents that target from attacking you for seven seconds or so, or until you attack it. Placate also reactivates Hide so you can get a big critical hit again.

Of course regular damage is somewhat lower than Scrappers and hitpoints are only controller-level. So even though Stalkers share a lot of powers with Scrappers, they approach things very differently.

From what little I’ve played in the beta, I like how they’ve done the ATs in CoV. Lots of the powers are identical to the ones in CoH in regards to the way they work independently, but the two sets you get with each character work together quite differently. There are lots of new powers and the Mastermind AT is totally unique to everything from CoH, but I was afraid when I first saw so many powers that were identical in almost every way to CoH. But those powers play so much differently, I forgot the difference almost immediately. The Dominator’s a mix of a Controller and a less damaging Blaster. That’s pretty damn cool. :)

2.4gig downloaded… again! And now I wonder if I can play Tiny Pirate… an evil… tiny… pirate! Yarr!

If I understand things correctly, you’ll be able to play a tiny evil pirate with loyal ninja henchmen. While you will be able to play a tiny evil ninja, you will not be able to, at this time, have loyal pirate henchmen.

The first scenario sounds excellent.

I’m going through a pirate phase right now - see my link to my Crusader Kings pirate themed AAR!

All downloaded, patched and installed and it looks like the servers are off for the night. Damn!