Civ IV--any word of a Platinum/etc edition?

Was wondering if anyone’s heard anything about a release with the base game and both expansions? Saw that the gold edition has pricedropped so I thought that might herald a comprehensive release.

This came up in the bargain thread earlier, and as someone pointed out to me, this package (Civilization 4: Complete) is already out in Europe, and Gogamer sells it in North America for $35 plus shipping. Pretty good deal.

Civ IV Complete looks like it’s just the Gold Edition released here in the US.

I don’t think there is a package that includes both expansions yet.

If you zoom in on the picture of the box, you’ll see it includes the second expansion. I don’t know why Gogamer’s description of the package doesn’t include the second expansion’s description though. You can see a better picture and description here:

I have Complete and it has both expansions.

OK, cool. I was just going by the Gogamer description of the package.

Gogamer has a sweet price for that–especially since I’m sure it’ll run $50 when it hits US shelves.

Anyone have any knowledge of why this isn’t available here yet?