Civ IV FF2 Question

Anyone know if there’s a way to delete a specific score from the high score list in Civ IV/Fall From Heaven? My top score is from one of the special FF2 scenarios and it’s driving me crazy that it’s up there with all of my full game scores under it. I know, I know, silly concern, but humor me.

Ooh, I want to know this as well.

Also, how can we integrate lists from different computers? It’s an equally silly concern, but I hope to be humored as well.


I did a little looking into this. Just a few minutes so I could be wrong. But from what I can tell this is how it works:

  1. The game saves all your replays in “…\My Documents\My Games\Beyond the Sword\Replays”.

  2. When you go into the Hall of Fame it goes through all your replays to see which ones were played with the mod you have loaded, if you won that game, and what your score was in that game. It then ranks the ones with the mod you have loaded according to score.

  3. So if you want to remove entries from the Hall of Fame you have to delete replays from the replays directory.

  4. Finding out which replay matches which high score may be a little tricky. If you know the date the game was played that should be an easy match. Game turns may match as well.

  5. If you want to wipe out all your high scores just delete the replays directory (the game will create a new one the next time it loads).

  6. If you want to merge high scores just copy the contents of the replay directory from one computer onto the other.

Thanks a ton, Kael! That’s service. I decided to uninstall everything and go with a clean install, just to clear the air. Now that I sort of (and I mean sort of) know my way around FF2, there’s a new baseline minimum for my Hall of Fame scores.