Civ IV: Firaxis is teh bias against Papists!1!

Now here’s the kind of stuff I’d like to see done with Civ IV’s religions! This is a mod that adds Protestantism as a religion founded by the first civ to research the new Luther’s Reformation tech. But unlike all the other boring religions, Protestantism gives its founding city 5x trade and culture production. That’s because everybody wants to visit the Protestants and they love their stuff. This also implies that Catholics are insular and uncouth. And that’s the last thing they need on top of all the allegations of child molestation!

Seriously, though, good idea, but I’m not about to play a mod made by someone who spells it “Protestantim”, much less download it from a site that posts it as such on their front page. But that’s the sort of thing I’m looking forward to seeing mod makers do with the volatile subject of religion. Oh, and also, I hope they add tobacco and slave trade. That would totally rule in a “choosing the evil dialogue option” way.

And speaking of things that are bad for you, you know how sometimes websites run “interviews” with game developers that consist entirely of a single email Q&A exchange with the line “Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions!” appended at the end? Well, Planet Civilization has outdone them all with this Soren Johnson interview! Not only did they not bother to transcribe the interview or even cut out the early part of the guy fumbling with the tape recorder, but they conducted it in what sounds like the food court at the mall. What’s more, it’s only an interview in the sense that Soren is present as an interviewee. The interviewer doesn’t seem to feel like bothering Soren with questions. In fact, for all I can tell, he just got up to get his Sbarro, left the tape recorder running, and told Soren to ‘just talk about stuff’.

Fortunately, any man who can write that Civ IV afterward can hold his own with a tape recorder.