[Civ4] - XPav's PBEM game

Map: Random Terran World
Size: Standard
Speed: Quick
Schedule: minimum 2 turns/week

XPav - German/Bismarck
DennyA - Egyptians/Hatshepsut
MikeOberly - Rome/Caesar
Not One Of Us - Spanish/Isabella
Alan Au - American/Washington

I’ll set it up and get it going tonight.

Alright, I started the game, and I think it sent the turn to DennyA.

Just to save you the extra manual lookup, here’s the breakdown:

[ul]XPav - German/Bismarck
Expansive, Industrious (+2 health per city, +50% wonder construction)
Starts with [Hunting, Mining]

DennyA - Egyptians/Hatshepsut
Spiritual, Creative (No anarchy, +2 culture per city per turn)
Starts with [The Wheel, Agriculture]

MikeOberly - Rome/Caesar
Expansive, Organized (+2 health per city, -50% civic upkeep cost)
Starts with [Fishing, Mining]

Not One Of Us - Spanish/Isabella
Spiritual, Expansive (No anarchy, +2 health per city)
Starts with [Fishing, Mysticism]

Alan Au - American/Washington
Financial, Organized (+1 commerce on squares generating 2 or more commerce, -50% civic upkeep cost)
Starts with [Agriculture, Fishing]

I’m not in this game, but I don’t think you have expansive right.

Sorry, cut & paste error in Isabella’s description. Fixed now.

  • Alan

Okay, my turn is off to Mike.

After I finished my turn, it told me where it had saved the game, and then said “if you know your e-mail server info, the game can send the turn automatically.” But I couldn’t find any UI for entering that info. And the wonderful spiral-bound manual is rather deficient in many areas, including this… Can this be done, or is this coming with the pitboss patch?

Well, when I finished my turn, it had a box with player name, email, an empty field? and smtp server. So I put my ISP’s mail server in there and it emailed directly from Civ4.

I am the host though, so I might be special.

My turn is off. Sending the file for me was a little weird. I couldn’t figure out how to send it just as a normal attachment, so I just went to the file and forwarded it via email. I’ll try to figure it out next turn.

Alright, turn sent to Alan.

Turn 1 complete–back to XPav.

Also, to setup your outgoing SMTP and stuff, hit Alt-D while in-game. You’ll need to mouseover the fields to find out what they’re for.

  • Alan

Back to Denny. The auto-email thing is pretty cool, just set it up like Alan said. It’s kinda wierd that you need to mouseover to see what the fields are, but oh well.

I didn’t found my city on the first turn, which was probably a mistake, as I look at where I started and it would have been better. Oh well. Disneyland shall thrive anyway.

Bummer. I input the SMTP stuff, but got an authetication error on saving. Tried it a couple of times, too. I’m using an e-mail server on POEHosting that requries password authentication, and I definitely input the proper server, login, and password.

Can’t use my Verizon DSL smtp server because they block any return addresses that aren’t verizon.net, and I can’t even remember my Verizon user ID. I never use that e-mail address.

(Soren, you reading these? I’ll provide any info that might be helpful in fixing this in a patch. ;)

I tried doing the in game email thing, so please let me know if this doesn’t arrive, or if there is a problem, Not One of Us. I can always send via the workaround.

Yeah, I got nothing.

Alright, got it. Turn sent to Alan.

Turn sent to the other Alan Au (of XPavia).

  • Alan

Have any of you guys gotten the automated email within the game to work? Also, are you guys having weird problems with players’ names being shuffled and reassigned to the wrong players?

I’ve had great luck with live connects, but the mechanics of PBEM seem pretty borked from where I’m sitting.


Doesn’t work for me. I get a server authentication error, even though the user name and password are correct.

I wonder if the people who have it working are using servers that don’t require autentication?

Yeah, I’ve seen the name get shuffled, unless XPav really did list ‘Alan Au’ as his leader’s name. However, the auto-send seems to work fine for me.

  • Alan

I just got the email from Alan and the filename is just entitled… “Alan” – which is pretty annoying, as I have to rename the file myself. Perhaps the space in his name is messing with something.

When he sent it manually last turn, it said “Alan Au to FRANCO”… and when I load the turn, it calls me by my default name, SOVEREIGN. That’s my computer’s name, and I suppose it fits for this, but I’m XPav, dammit.

Anyway, the next turn is off to Denny.