Civil War 2.0


Though it flips when you consider things like the mandatory nature of cars, lack of many cultural and entertainment options, and the fact that these rural areas are already heavily subsidized by urban cores.

That’s the thing that irks me. We already subsidize the rural areas infrastructure and development. Yet we somehow pretend this is not the case.


I think about it all the time. We pay a huge premium to live in the middle of L.A., and ‘cool factor’ only gets you so far, especially when it takes an hour to drive five miles in traffic to see your friends so you never end up seeing them anyway. And when the kiddo means there’s no time/money left to enjoy all the awesome restaurants and plays and nightlife and shit.

Were I still a bachelor I might have already done it.


Abolishing the senate is nutso. And a permanent solution to a current trend that may not continue into 2050 as is postulated.

What makes sense to me, is the abolishment or some sort of significant material change to the electoral college, as it does put far too much weight in the hands of a few states with close to a 50/50 rural/urban population. These are the battleground states, and they are battleground states because they don’t have a large enough urban population to overcome the rural votes.

Making the election a straight popular vote makes sense, as the president directly effects the lives of each citizen, and the republicans in California deserve as much say as the democrats in Alabama.

Removing the electoral college (or changing the rules to force states to split votes in some way) will be balanced out by the fact that the Senate will always give states equal say.

And I am not saying this because I am a liberal, I am saying it because preserving the identities of states and states rights should be left up to the equal representation of senators, and not the president.

But, getting rid of the Senate is insane. It is a check on power that should be kept.

I also forsee, with the tonal shift in the GOP, that they may never win back the House. If they lose the suburban vote, that is it for them.


The legislature is a check on other branches. Whether it be unicameral or bicameral, or how the representation is apportioned, seems to me a matter of finer detail and not inscribed upon the heavens.

I will not however choose this hill to die on. I am pretty pissed that there are two Dakotas, though, to steal Maher’s bit.


I was thinking that maybe we need to start combining some of the less populous states.

This whole discussion of urban vs rural reminds me of a paper I wrote about what the world will be like when I retire, in terms of what the environmental impact would be. This was for a wildlife ecology class, and was more of a final paper to use the terms and knowledge from the year to describe the ecosystem in the future.

I was a bit optimistic and naive (to be 22 again!) But I talked a lot about how the population will continue to further move into the cities, while the wilderness would reclaim large areas of the country again, particularly areas without major natural resources. Leading to more high speed rail transport between major megacities, reduced emissions and increased green areas. And that eco-tourism would become an industry, people not having their own cars could charter a bus or off-road vehicle to travel out the the empty parts of the country where large forests and prairies have returned to cover a large portion of the country.

Like I said quite optimistic.


Which is a good thing, cuz shit-kicking does not pay that well.


God I hated living in the country. Big cities all day everyday. Raleigh is okay, but nothing compared to Boston. I have no idea how people don’t go insane in places smaller than this.


Yeah, there’s a reason there aren’t any jobs in the sticks and wealth has always flowed from population concentrations.



We spend out days bitching on forums about life and how Trump sucks.

Actually, I spend most of my time either hanging out with my kids in playgrounds, going for walks or playing video games.

Nothing too exciting, but there is so much to do in any given day anyway, it’s hard for me to actually do anything.

I should connect with people and play more board games.


Look at that bum over there, he’s down on his knees!


“I don’t live in West Bumblefuck, I live in Ironforge!”


It’s weird. I’ve been an Angeleno for 26 years, which is roughly three times as long as I’ve lived anywhere else. Still feel like a transplant. But it’s a fucking great city, with ten times the culture I have the time to check out, legendary rock clubs, world class symphony, great library system, fantastic food, and unbelievable weather. Pity about the goddam traffic.

The Trumpier America gets, the happier I am to live in California. Place is gonna end up being the fucking bulwark of Enlightenment civilization.


Fuck yeah.


I dunno man, I try to get tired of this…

And this…

And this…

And it keeps not happening. (All photos taken by me from points in the middle of the city of San Diego: Mission Beach, Mission Trails Park, Penasquitos Canyon.)


Given that the Senate exists, I can see the point of this concept.

But since it would require the smaller states to play ball, I wouldn’t count on it happening.

Edit: It also addresses the issue of conservatives in CA or liberals in TX, in that their vote actually matters for President. Which is ultimately a good thing, imo.


In other states you can have comparable or often better views without highways and groups of people milling around.


As you can in California if you leave the cities-- but you don’t have to leave the cities to get those views.


California has 9 national parks, the highest peak in the lower 48, and more wilderness acreage than any state but Alaska. EDIT: I will amend though. Your point about crowds is actually somewhat apropros. Hard to get camping permits, and you have to work a bit to get into real wilderness areas. without other people around. It’s a bit of a problem here. As are housing prices.


Yosemite is God’s country if ever was, though, and if you’re willing to hike in a bit, it gets pretty lonely.