Civil War 2.0


And that reason is going away.
You don’t need to live in a city to do high paying work any more. You can live in the sticks without being a farmer.


We have that in Seattle, too. And we have Microsoft, Amazon and Starbuck’s. The staggeringly high cost of housing is just our adorable, regional quirk.


The numbers aren’t backing that statement up.


Things are changing. They haven’t changed.

I know tons of developers now who work remotely now. They don’t need to live in a metropolitan area any more.

As working remotely becomes increasingly viable, requirements to live near the coasts will decrease.


Not buying it as yet, though I’m well aware of it. High income still clusters very, very strongly around high population density locales (click the Income tab).

More of both competition and cooperation in densely populated areas will keep this valid for a long time, IMHO. The remote work effect is, and will continue to be negligible


Edit: I agree with Timex.

Instead of bitching about Wyoming, you only need about 90,000 people to completely take the state over. It’s got some beautiful vista. Think about it. It’d be like when the Rajneesh tried to take over the Dalles and the surrounding county by having more people voting. Just don’t try to poison the population through salad bars, OK?

Voter statistics from Wyoming Sec of State


Good luck remoting with shit-tier internet out in Wyoming and other remote locations.


Wyoming has snow. I am not going to ever live there.


Florida lacks snow. One reason among many I would never live there.

If WhiteChristmasPct < .5


Yes. Snow is a killer for me. Too much shoveling at 2AM for me in Brooklyn.


I can be at 7,000 feet in the snow in under an hour and a half, and in the 45 years I have had a drivers license I have done exactly once. Took the kids one time.


You don’t have to live in the middle of nowhere. I’m sure you can get 100-300Mbps internet somewhere in Wyoming. Either through cable, fiber, or mobile. And 5G launches next year.


But… but… but… why?! It’s so wonderful!

I genuinely and honestly look forward to the snow. One of the most relaxing and enjoyable experiences for me is going for a run in a snow storm. Especially with the big fluffy flakes.

I come back with literal icicles on my beard, and it’s great.


Dude I can’t even get that in Chicago. You’re on crack if you think that’s available in Wyoming.

And 5G won’t work once you get 2 miles outside of Cheyanne. Shit, I barely had signal at all for large stretches of I-80 once I got into the middle of the state.

Nah, you may have decent options in a very limited subset of areas, but I doubt you see serious bandwidth. Unless the GOP stops listening to their lobbyists and stops signing legislation to block municipal broadband.


5G isn’t going to work rurally at all, at least for a long time. The required distance between towers in something like 10% of what you can do with 4G (I’m sure I’m wrong, but it’s much less). It will work in dense, urban areas at first and sloooowly make it out to the suburbs.


You do if you live in Wyoming because the entire state is the middle of nowhere (which is its charm).


I loved snow as a kid. I think as an adult who has to drive around I’d be less enamored. Sure is beautiful, though.


I mean you say that, but the reality is that the larger cities aren’t a cabin in the woods.

If you move to Cheyenne you’ll have good internet. Beulah (pop 33) not so much probably. But as more people move there making good money, the possibilities of expanding that internet to the rest of the state follows.


Here’s the thing with Cheyanne. There is nothing open late, and there is less than nothing open on a Sunday.

When driving to Portland I had my car break down just outside of Cheyanne. Turns out that the shop that had tuned up my car had not put the bolts on the passenger side front break caliper on correctly and one of them came out, and the caliper was bouncing inside the wheel.

All I needed was a bolt.

It took me several hours to find a place and get the part. Thankfully it was just a bolt, as I could fix that myself because literally zero shops in town would answer the phone.

I needed to be at work the next morning in Portland.

That is Cheyanne. And that’s the big city as far as Wyoming goes. And if you are into concerts, live theater, or international cuisine? Tough shit.


Funny we’re so focused on Wyoming, but if I had to move there, I might choose Jackson Hole. Don’t rich people go there to ski? They’ve gotta have a lot of modern amenities.