Civil War 2.0


It wont be much of a test. Because we’d completely and utterly do it.


Republicans are not yet passing white people get free cars legislation. But they are working very hard at all levels of government to reduce the voting rights and representation of the non-white population, which over the long run amounts to the same thing. Race is what won Trump the White House, it is what Trump talks about in his rallies, it is what gets Republicans to the polls. Republicans got record mid-term turnout, and it was driven by images of the caravan. Being nakedly racist is the entire key to Trump’s power, it is why he won the Republican nomination and why he was able to turn out a lot of new voters in his election, it is why he made Paul Ryan irrelevant, and every Republican who aspires to power has learned the lesson.


You make a good point that the Democrat’s base is not as united as the Republicans, and that in itself is a difficult challenge the GOP doesn’t have to deal with. On the other hand, I think we are seeing a historic demographic shift leftward of college educated whites, and I don’t know if the GOP can survive with only the non-college educated white vote. (and a slight majority of college educated white men) This is fracturing the GOP base as much as the racial lines do in the Democratic base.

2018 was a huge warning sign to the GOP that their current path is not going to be sustainable into the 2020’s


Yes, but I think that is backward. Republicans are doing that because they know minorities don’t vote for them. Either party would try to get space aliens to the polls/keep them away from the polls, if they knew they were going to vote for or against them.

I don’t see Republicans horribly worried about Asians, other than a fear that China is becoming too strong. A lot of racism in politics is just naked vote gathering.

I do agree that Trump has created a new element of danger, because I do believe he is intentionally appealing to the far right. But at the end of the day, I do not believe that is why he was successful. I think correlation is not causation in that situation.


Minorities wont vote for them because they court racists or are flagrantly racist.

Both blacks and Hispanics lean conservative. But since the GOP can’t stop with the racism, they keep not winning with those groups.


Yeah, all those Democratic vote suppression efforts in red neighborhoods have really made me question my party preference.


Republicans chose to give up the votes of minorities. It was a conscious choice to oppose the Civil Rights Act and become the party of white people. So I don’t think it is backwards; Republicans chose an approach which requires that they attract white people and oppress minorities, with the result that their policy prescriptions are all tainted with racism. They may not be passing laws to give free stuff to whites, but they are quite consciously killing laws by intimating that those laws give free stuff to minorities. It’s not a long leap from there.


I think they lean conservative with respect to some social policies (unfortunately, the social policies I have no interest in, like being anti-gay). I disagree that they lean conservative with respect to economic policy.

They don’t suppress (because they cannot effectively do that). Instead, they expend great energy trying to get minorities to come out heavily to vote. There’s a reason for that - it’s not just because Democrats love minorities. It’s because they know who they’ll vote for.

There’s a reason the Democrats aren’t organizing buses to the polls in rural areas or the suburbs, and it isn’t just because people are more easily able to get to the polls from those places.


Sure, but encouraging my guys to vote is not the same thing as preventing the other guys from voting. It’s false equivalence.


No kidding, how are you even making that comparison with a straight face? Democrats are openly advocating for less restrictive voter registration, longer voting periods, etc. This helps ALL voters instead of suppressing targeted groups like the GOP.


How is the GOP actively suppressing targeted groups? I do not recall any “X race may not vote” laws.

The GOP is working against people who vote against them, and trying to do so in ways that will not affect people who vote for them. Each party does this. The GOP has just been better at it. The Democrats also know they cannot really target affluent white people and prevent them from voting, so instead, they simply heavily target minorities and try to drag them out to vote.


Pretend to know what you’re talking about ffs.


I was going to say that if you believe the talk around here many many people have moved to Idaho over the last 10 years. I know people who have moved to the Cour D’Len (sp) area.

Thing is most of them are conservatives trying to run away from California liberals.


Respectfully, if you don’t already know the answer to this, you shouldn’t be offering the opinion. As to examples, here are some:

  • voting identification requirements which disproportionately disadvantage minorities
  • fewer polling places in minority precincts
  • fewer voting booths in minority precincts
  • hiring guys to canvas minority neighborhoods to collect mail ballots and then shitcan them

I mean, this stuff is not secret.


Let’s not forget gerrymandered maps that “target minority voters with surgical precision” (the court’s words, not mine).


Hell, they even SAID they were doing it.


People who don’t understand and acknowledge the indisputable fact that Republicans are a fundamentally racist party to their core are. . .

. . . well, have fun filling in the end of the sentence yourself.


This is some insane Whataboutism right here. Damn…


The areas they are targeting are economically disadvantaged, and the minorities targeted vote Democrat.

Are they targeting wealthy Asians in the suburbs? Going after rich Indian software engineers?

Again, they’re targeting people who vote against them.

(Which is still gross. But I think the reason is vote gathering and suppression.)


It’s the racism.