Civil War 2.0


This is just wrong. The GOP efffectively expelled black voters by opposing the civil rights act; and they have continued to demonize black voters as a way of rallying the support of racist white voters. They’re not seeking the support of black voters by talking about welfare queens and strapping bucks and Obamaphones, are they? Because that’s an awfully, well, racist way to go about it.


If you’re not trolling, why did you ask that? Asking for proof of something that’s blatantly obvious was a time honored tactics of our friend Gman. I don’t understand why you’re choosing that path if you’re here to honestly argue your point. Especially since you then said you agree it’s clear that they’re targeting minorities.


I agree. This is one of the many things that is frightening about the turn to Trump. And it is absolutely disgusting.


Maybe, but when you come in with “Cheating is the same as trying harder,” I’m gonna call bullshit.

Because that was his central argument. If you’re playing chess, trying harder and getting better is the same as, say, stealing your opponent’s knights before the game starts. You see, both side are just trying to win! You can’t fault the knight stealing guy, he’s doing the same thing as the dude that tried to get better : trying to win.


Heck, if those minorities would just get on board with their own oppression, the GOP wouldn’t be forced to disenfranchise them. Don’t you see?


Here I’m thinking why didn’t I think of that opening?


Well put.

I mean, rationally, it’s entirely reasonable to say that a political party is invested in trying to maximize their chances of winning elections. That’s not a controversial concept, and is plainly correct.

Where it gets sticky is how. Not all methods of winning are equally valid. Not all are equally respectable. And in this case you can not judge an action from its end goal, winning. You must judge it by the means of doing so.

Winning by driving more voters to go to the polls? Good
By gathering a large coalition*? Good
By achieving positive gains for the country? Good
By being effective at creating a vision and following through on that? Good

By rigging elections? Bad
By preventing people not in your coalition from voting? Bad
By using appeals to racism? Bad
By engaging in legislative shenanigans like Wisconsin? Bad
By extreme partisan gerrymandering? Bad

All have the same end goal, not all are morally equivalent.

So saying that Dems trying to win by getting more people to vote is the same as the GOP trying to win by preventing people from voting may be true when framed in that overly reductionist definition where the only thing you are comparing is the intended end result, it is also bullshit.

*caveat being if said coalition explicitly courts white supremacists, neo Nazis, and other such clearly evil groups