Civilian Flight Sim thread


Right, there are two series of products: FlyInside Flight Simulator is the all-new sim.

FlyInside FSX/Prepar3D/X-Plane all add or enhance VR capabilities for those sims.


Seems like the top one for VR?





Looks to scratch part of my SimCopter itch.


I’ll be waiting for the Blue Thunder dlc




I watched that movie just last week. Still a good watch although incredibly quaint in some respects.


My multiplayer handle will be JAFO


Ha ha!


I personally use the “time test”; e.g. counting off seconds, then seeing how far off I am against a clock.

Because the first thing that goes is the sense of time.


So I got me a used Thrustmaster HOTAS and I’m ready to get into the world of flight sims. I checked the FlyInside demo and its not really aimed at total neophytes is it? I wasn’t even able to configure the HOTAS, let alone make any sense of the cockpit, gah:

MSFS is going for very cheap right now on Steam. Would it be a better introduction to flight sims. I’m basically looking to have my hand held until I get the basics going.


Try DCS world. They have interactive tutorials. Either way prepare for a learning curve like mount everest. Its a challenge.

Fuck msfs. Its old. Decrepit. The past.


Youtube is your friend. I really found this playlist useful:


There you go. Learning to fly, real or simulated is not a problem solved by throwing cash at it. Throw time and (mental) energy at it.


DCS World has good tutorials and it’s free so give that a go. IL-2 is a fine place to start as well (it features WW2 prop planes) and honestly is the closest flight simulator to an actual game. There is a career mode in IL-2 that lets you fly generated missions which gives you purpose and direction if DCS World and the civilian flight sims makes you feel aimless or a little bored. You can pick it up for cheapz on steam at the moment:

For civilian flying, FlyInside is still early in development so I would not use it as your first flight simulator. Aerofly FS2 has decent tutorials, but you might start yearning for a more complicated sim before long. I have not tried the X-Plane tutorials.


They’re enough to get you into the cockpit, but are pretty bare bones. They are interactive though.


Well, I’ll give it a go as it’s free, although I’m not sure I’m interested in combat flying.


How to kill any potential flight sim newbie’s interest in flight sims forever:

  1. Direct them to IL2 BOS et al
  2. Have the navigate the endless configuration options
  3. Have them launch what is probably the simplest, most straightforward mission in the game: the Yak-3 taxiing “tutorial”
    4 …

Better way:

  1. Have them grab the ANCIENT, CREAKY, RHEUMATIC MSFSX Steam Edition
  2. Make sure their joystick and throttle are plugged in
  3. Point them toward a quick flight with the hangglider thingy over beautiful Washington State Friday Harbor
  4. Zip around until they decide they’d like to up the ante (may take days/weeks)
    5 …


That was my thought. I get it that msfs is old etc, but I just want to take off in a light plane, fly around a bit and than see if I can land it.

Now if msfs has easy scenarios or better yet built in tutorials than that’s the ticket for me.

If I get hooked no doubt I’ll move on to better things.


If it’s still available I’d actually recommend Microsoft Flight. Its missions and tutorials are awesome. And you start out with a dead simple Icon light plane.