Civilian Flight Sim thread



Looks to scratch part of my SimCopter itch.


I’ll be waiting for the Blue Thunder dlc




I watched that movie just last week. Still a good watch although incredibly quaint in some respects.


My multiplayer handle will be JAFO


Ha ha!


I personally use the “time test”; e.g. counting off seconds, then seeing how far off I am against a clock.

Because the first thing that goes is the sense of time.


So I got me a used Thrustmaster HOTAS and I’m ready to get into the world of flight sims. I checked the FlyInside demo and its not really aimed at total neophytes is it? I wasn’t even able to configure the HOTAS, let alone make any sense of the cockpit, gah:

MSFS is going for very cheap right now on Steam. Would it be a better introduction to flight sims. I’m basically looking to have my hand held until I get the basics going.


Try DCS world. They have interactive tutorials. Either way prepare for a learning curve like mount everest. Its a challenge.

Fuck msfs. Its old. Decrepit. The past.


Youtube is your friend. I really found this playlist useful:


There you go. Learning to fly, real or simulated is not a problem solved by throwing cash at it. Throw time and (mental) energy at it.


DCS World has good tutorials and it’s free so give that a go. IL-2 is a fine place to start as well (it features WW2 prop planes) and honestly is the closest flight simulator to an actual game. There is a career mode in IL-2 that lets you fly generated missions which gives you purpose and direction if DCS World and the civilian flight sims makes you feel aimless or a little bored. You can pick it up for cheapz on steam at the moment:

For civilian flying, FlyInside is still early in development so I would not use it as your first flight simulator. Aerofly FS2 has decent tutorials, but you might start yearning for a more complicated sim before long. I have not tried the X-Plane tutorials.


They’re enough to get you into the cockpit, but are pretty bare bones. They are interactive though.


Well, I’ll give it a go as it’s free, although I’m not sure I’m interested in combat flying.


How to kill any potential flight sim newbie’s interest in flight sims forever:

  1. Direct them to IL2 BOS et al
  2. Have the navigate the endless configuration options
  3. Have them launch what is probably the simplest, most straightforward mission in the game: the Yak-3 taxiing “tutorial”
    4 …

Better way:

  1. Have them grab the ANCIENT, CREAKY, RHEUMATIC MSFSX Steam Edition
  2. Make sure their joystick and throttle are plugged in
  3. Point them toward a quick flight with the hangglider thingy over beautiful Washington State Friday Harbor
  4. Zip around until they decide they’d like to up the ante (may take days/weeks)
    5 …


That was my thought. I get it that msfs is old etc, but I just want to take off in a light plane, fly around a bit and than see if I can land it.

Now if msfs has easy scenarios or better yet built in tutorials than that’s the ticket for me.

If I get hooked no doubt I’ll move on to better things.


If it’s still available I’d actually recommend Microsoft Flight. Its missions and tutorials are awesome. And you start out with a dead simple Icon light plane.


… yeah perhaps you have a point there Sir.


You made me laugh, that is the first thing I did in IL2 BOS…


In my defence , a major part of flight (simulations) is crashing and there is no SIM that does that better than current il2.