Civilian Flight Sim thread


FlyInside flight simulator is now on steam early access and comes along with a big update:

I bought it directly from their site a month or so ago, and have had a good time with it. The performance in VR is fantastic (note: you can play this 2d as well), the game is smooth and pain-free to operate. The planes are also really nicely detailed. The one big drawback up until now was the very simplistic WIP scenery, but in today’s update that has supposedly been vastly improved. I have yet to test it but looking forward to doing so.


Interesting survey of the FlightSim community. AFAICT they don’t actually specify how they chose who got surveyed. So it’s a bit hard to evaluate exactly how accurate this is. But they do have a fair number of sponsoring companies, so I presume it’s scientifically valid.

One interesting data point. VR use went from 3% in the 2017 Survey to 11% in 2018. It will be very interesting to see where that number is next year. Is that going to plateau or keep rising. VR costs have gone way down (I certainly wasn’t going to jump in at $800 but at $350 that’s much more doable), on the other hand, it’s possible at this point, everyone who is interested at anywhere near the current price (and usability) points has jumped in.

Full results here:


And that’s the civvie side of things. You’ll likely find the average age on the shooty side a little lower and the VR uptake a little higher.

I think the one conclusion you can take away from that survey is that flight simming is about the uncoolest hobby on earth.


Today’s Flare Path is all about Deadstick. Looking good.


Every time I open this thread, it’s like a 50-50 chance it’s about Deadstick.

Not that I mind! There isn’t a whole lot else happening in the civilian flight sim world right now. Hoping Aerofly adds the Pacific Northwest soon.


That’s good to see. I actually visited their Steam page earlier this week and it looked pretty dead – last update August 2018 and no replies to any forum pleas to confirm that the project was still going.

I wasn’t quite sure how to take that last question in the interview:

Does that mean VR is in? Does that mean neither VR nor Rudder Pedal support is in, but if they were going to choose to put one in it would be VR? [I’m assuming that doesn’t make sense, since if it supports joysticks, I can’t imagine supporting Rudder Pedals is that much more work.]


Sounds like both are in, but VR enhances the experience more. Very relieved to read this piece. The radio silence was getting worrying.


I think I’m most excited about the economy and progression. Gives me something to do.


Agreed—lots of modern sims have the weakness that the only thing to do is tool around, which has limited staying power.


I enjoyed playing FSEeconomy back when I still flew in FSX, so I’m looking forward to this.


Can anyone recommend a flight sim for someone who:

a) is new to flight sims
b) has a laptop that does not have a dedicated graphics card
c) doesn’t want to shoot anyone or drop things on them.



This is built with VR in mind, meaning it is pretty easy on the graphics card. That should do it for your laptop.


Just noticed the Deadstick guys did a livestream.


It looks great. I can’t wait!


Thanks for the recommendation @schurem


Are there any flight sims or mods out there that try to model… I guess “comfort” would be the right word? Like, I can make a rough landing, but I don’t really have a way to know how smooth it was. Is there something that would give me that kind of feedback? Anything that models, like, passenger experience?


I’m all but sure I’ve seen some Youtuber fly with just such an FSX mod, but I can’t recall which Youtuber or mod offhand.


There was something called FS Passengers back in the FS 2004/FSX era that modeled what you’re looking for although I have no idea if it’s still around for P3D or Xplane 11.

Edit: actually it’s still around but not for xplane.


Forgot all about this sim. It looks great! I’ve always wanted a solid career-oriented civilian flight sim (add-ons for MSFS have been a bit of a kludge).

And great to hear they are going to be supporting VR.


That’s exactly what I was looking for. I’ll give it a try. Thanks!