Civilian Flight Sim thread

Dear universe, please use this and make a survival game where I play an Alaskan bush pilot, can get out of my plane, and have a ‘The Long Dark’ survival experience. Thanks.

I’ll just be happy if I can get a Spitfire Mk IX, VR and this sim. God it looks great! @Anklebiter did you catch that shot near the end of the cities vid, where he trench-runs a Venice canal? I’d say this thing holds up fairly well at 50 feet!

It’s going to be similar to this but with aproper rendering engine + postprocessing:,14.824911,50.290860,fix,259.81,1.92,-54.01,0.00,251.20,45.00

Some more detail, most likely, bu on the ballpark.

They are making it, but it’s all gone a bit quiet.

So this was my one purchase during the Steam sale.

So far it’s FASCINATING. It adds a meta layer that turns FS into something of a Euro Truck Sim, complete with cargo, passenger and humanitarian missions.

For me there’s just one problem:

Before you can take missions, you have to pass a flight test. I’m so rusty at FS that I can’t pass the landing. Four attempts so far and every one a failure.

Gonna keep trying though, because I would love to haul some tinsel to a nearby airport (apparently there are seasonal cargoes as well).

So yeah, really nifty thing, this.

You might enjoy this as well:

It has been years since I’ve done it though.

Oh neat, thanks!

I’m really hoping they will do the same thing for new the MSFS. Like Air Hauler it gives you something to do while flying around.

God right? I need stuff to do in my games these days.

What is it? I can’t see Steam links at work.

It’s called Air Hauler 2, and in it you create an air shipping company which can take missions, make money, hire AI pilots and so on. Basically adds a business meta layer to the game and makes it like Euro Truck Sim 2.

If you add air pirate attacks, you’d have Higher for Hire: The Game, which would be wonderful.

Nice, I’ll have to check it out! I keep hoping that Dead Stick will be kind of the same thing if it ever comes out.

What’s this?

Sigh, yeah, not holding my breath for this one.

Oh, that was the business that Baloo the Bear worked for in the '90s Disney cartoon Tale Spin. Substitute that for “Tales of the Gold Monkey” if you prefer.

Oh God, you’d think I’d remember that.

Been following what Felipe’s been doing since KSP for awhile now. It’s nice to see it get some publicity.

Prepar3D V5 is out. DX12 support and some other improvements. Looks really nice in the air and about 90% compatible with V4.x.

Check the forums if you’re using VR, the shipping VR is totally hosed, but they posted a workaround add-on.

And X-Plane has been updated to use Vulcan instead of OpenGL, so performance is much better on many systems.

The only flight sim I’m looking forward to is Deadstick. When the eff is it coming out?

Who knows. They dropped a Youtube update the other day, which basically just said they would be doing more regular Youtube updates. It definitely doesn;t sound like this year.