Civilization 7

Announcement made

That seems an odd way to sort of announce the next version of a major franchise.

You’ll get no argument from me on that

Right? I was wondering if it was the official Twitter account or if it was hacked.

Also, the studio head and the director are leaving

And maybe the social media guy, throwing a grenade on his way out the door? :)

Sweet, another game I’ll ditch to go play some more Civ IV!

Jake Solomon is leaving? That’s huge news.

Yeah, that’s the buried lede.

They lost Steve Martin. He was their wild and crazy guy.


It will be interesting to see what Solomon comes up with on his own. After all, Soren Johnson leaving turned out to be a net positive for gamers.

And then there was Brian Reynolds…

(Edit: although he is back into real gaming again?)

Whose post Firaxis career was brilliant until THQ acquired Big Huge games. It might not have been notworthy after that, but Rise of Nations and Rise of Legends are brilliant.

Maybe it’s time to wishlist the Civ 6 complete edition.

Sure, but that was 20 years ago. It looks like he’s at Firaxis now? So maybe we will some great stuff from him again?

None the less, his leaving was “a net positive for gamers”.

I don’t know that you can quantify that, given we may have had a bunch of cool games from him had he stayed at Firaxis as well.

Weird. “Next Civ game in development” isn’t really much of anything. That kind of seems completely like a “no duh” thing. Of course there was going to be a sequel. That moneytrain isn’t stopping until people stop buying.

The news that Jake Solomon is leaving? Now, that’s something.

That’s the way I was looking at it. He spent 20 years making cash grab mobile games, but think of all the cool games he could have made with his talent. Seems like a huge loss for gamers to me.

Obviously this was just trying to deflect the headlines.